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hiya, my name is Zephyr! I am ur local trad-goth who occasionally rps.

!! if you don't want to roleplay but just want to message me, pls do so! I love making new friends. if anyone needs to vent about anything, pls message me! I will gladly listen n try to help. !!

☄️ FYI: My schedule for rping is very sporadic. I tend to only get bouts of inspiration that only lasts for so long until i'm dreading to write. Do not be offended if I do not respond soon, I haven't forgotten, i'm just trying to gather myself together again. I could be on a roll for a week, then peace out for a week. Sorry! but that's how it do be. ☄️

Inspiration : its existential crisis hours


sample of my writing

↭An example of my writing for those interested!↭

-For Jack, it was still unfathomable that they shared the same tattoos. It wasn't uncommon for people who have identical tattoos to be scattered across the earth, and nonetheless actually put in the effort to find each other. Only a couple times in his life had he actually seen couples that bore the same markings on their skin, a forever symbol of what was supposedly meant to be. Considering he wasn't even planning on sharing his life with somebody else, or even the simple chance of letting anybody in. It was a guarantee that he wouldn't make it past twenty-five.

The older man seemed to be in his mid-50's.. at the least. Scrawny and just wearing shorts, it was a guarantee that he was probably some hobo looking to get excitement by killing their peaceful moments.. or actually somebody who lived nearby and trying to be a justice warrior. Didn't mean that he wasn't terrifying. Any normal person would be startled by somebody yelling bloody hell across the sand of a deserted beach.

Hell if Clarice got that much of a thrill by running away from a screaming old man, God knows how she would feel committing Jack's work. Jack wasn't at all panicked or threatened by the man at all, if he really wanted to put up a fight with them, he was sure the old man would enjoy the gun that was placed in the center console of the car. It is often said that Admirals go down with their Ships. Well the Guy might just go down without his weapons. Jack smirked casually while getting into the car, in fact he didn't even bother to put on his seatbelt at first. While driving out of the beach parking lock, a car had pulled in front of them. He was quick to get around it but it probably jolted their nerves even more.

While what happened was starting to digest, a wide grin settled on his lips, and he started to laugh pretty hard. It was another occasion of hearing such a rare sound but a wonderful one at that. "Honestly that was fricking ridiculous, I've experienced some stuff, but that is something that I never thought I would get the honor of witnessing." After saying that, he moved one hand to brush the hair out of his eyes before glancing at Clarice. "Are you Alright?"

For awhile Jack just drove. Did he have any idea of where he was going? Nah. "Say I'm a bit hungry, do you want to go pull into a diner or something?"

(Note: this is a little outdated but still a good representation of my writing.)

↭RP with my Character Jack and Soogy's character Clarice.↭


Like most do, I have a few rules that I asked that be followed when roleplaying with me. (nothing extreme, just normal stuff)

❧: No one liners, It often makes me feel like the other person doesn't care for the role-play very much. I do understand some people only use one liners, and that is their style, but if your looking to do that here, these role-plays probably aren't for you! So please, At least 1/2 paragraphs.

❧:At least basic knowledge of Grammar, I do understand some slip-ups every now and then, as English isn't my first language, but please, try to put in some effort so it'll go smoothly.

❧:If the roleplay is a fantasy/action one, please no godmodding! It's not a lot of fun when your Character has no flaws and is Invincible, as well as quite boring.

❧:No Group roleplays. I don't have anything against them, I'm just a very nervous person, and so much happening with multiple people can stress me out, and I'll loose track quite easily.
My favourites are: Modern, Adventure (Sometimes) Fantasy, Romance, Some Historical (Really depends on that one.) Angsty, Horror.
My least Favourites: Super Super Heavy Fantasy, Sci-fi, Futuristic or anything of that sort. (Mass respect for people who can do Sci-Fi and Futuristic really well!)

Quick things before I get into Fandoms. No, I do not watch Anime, and No, I will not watch an Anime so we can roleplay together. Same goes for Books unless it really catches my eye. I will not roleplay on a website made for Fandoms such as Harry Potter or Such. Only discord and Here will you be able to interact with me.

  • Life Is Strange / Before The Storm
  • World Of Warcraft
  • Harry Potter
  • Alice Madness Returns/ American McGees Alice
  • Overwatch
  • Diablo lll
  • Sly Cooper 1&2

about me!


⦠I love music! Some of my favorite genres are the classic goth deathrock, 80s glam, thrash and nu-metal/mall goth.
Whatever I am listening too may influence how i write.

Some of my Favorite bands are: Siouxise and the banshees, Christian Death, type O negative, the cure, venom, megadeth, kittie & voodoo church

⦠I am also part of the LGBTQ+ community. My pronouns are She/Her and I'm bisexual, though I lean more towards women.Homophobes, Terfs, DO NOT INTERACT!

⦠I have three wonderful cats names: Charlie, Mercury & Venus.

Where else can you contact me?:
Discord: trashcanmurder#0666
Twitter: Ledzephyrr

Rave Reviews

We have only recently started writing, but time and time again Dread has impressed me! Her character Briar pairs well with mine, and she is an absolute joy to get a reply from! Her writing is strong and detailed, her character fleshed out and realistic! She has good ideas and writes beyond her years! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Redrose
This character profile is lovely! Detailed, but not so much so that it's a drag to read, and the information is well-written. The character is well-thought-out too, with strengths and flaws that make her realistic rather than a generic and "perfectly ideal" human being. - Anonymous

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