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hiya, my name is Scotty! I am ur local trad-goth who occasionally rps.

☄️Fyi: Please note that my rping schedule is quite irregular. I tend to get bursts of inspiration that only last a few days until I'm dreading writing again. Please don't be angry if I don't answer right away; I haven't forgotten; I'm just trying to find my bearings. For a week, I may be on a roll, then be quiet for a week. Sorry, but that's the way it is. I do NOT want RpR to feel like a job. ☄️

ps: thank you sweetheart for all the roses over the years >: 3

Inspiration: I am having an existential crisis
IMPORTANT: Rules, Categories & OOC Notes


☽ - Rules - ☾
☽ : No one-liners (unless planned otherwise, which is very rare for me.) It frequently makes me feel as if the other person is uninterested in the RP, not to mention that it gives me nothing to work with. If you are looking for someone to RP one-liners with, I am not that person.

☽ : At least a basic understanding of grammar, and third person only! I understand the occasional slip up, as none of us are perfect, but at least make your writing readable!

☽ : No group-roleplays. I don’t know why, but they tend to get me overwhelmed as well as give me hella anxiety. Sorry : /

☽ : No godmodding, but this should go without saying! It never makes things fun in my opinion.

☽ : Smut is only allowed if it contributes to the plot. Personally, I think that writing smut can be incredibly boring, as well as being drawn out to death. I will only write it if I am comfortable with you, as well as it contributes to the plot in some way.

Super important Info! Please read.
✝ - Important Notes about me : ) - ✝
I do not like Anime, and I will NOT watch one so we can RP together, I apologize. The same thing goes for books, nor will I RP on other websites such as Discord or any fandom-related blog.

!!! I often RP characters that deal with triggering topics, such as SA, Religious Trauma, Alcohol/Drug Abuse, Murder and Suicide. If these are things that you are sensitive to, please move along! I do not want to intentionally trigger anyone or make anybody upset with my content. I try to respect everyone, and I do not want to add to any sort of stress. !!

While I don't have any triggers, I do have a couple things that make me uncomfortable.

- DDLG or any form of age-gap/regression.
- Any form of Pedophilic relationship
- Any form of Racism or Sexism.

Category/ Genre Info
★ - Category Information- ★
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Genres I Adore!

- Modern / Slice of Life
- Slowburn
- Angsty Romance
- Adventure
- Themes of Horror
- Suspense
- History
- Romance
Genres I am willing to do

- Historical
- Straight horror
- Gore
- Smut
- Some Fantasy
Genres I am not a fan of

- Straight Fantasy
- Sci-Fi
- Straight futuristic
- Fanfiction
- Smut w/ no point


Sample of my writing


Jack... I.. I- need a favor." Lindsey felt breathless, her heart was beating with pure panic, adrenaline mixed with bitter confusion. The girl could still feel his eyes sizing her up and down like a fresh meal. How she had been violated by his eyes. Despite Lindsey hiding out in the bathroom stall of the local food court, it wasn't safe. Nothing was. It felt as if all eyes were on her, peering through the cracks in the walls. He could still see her. "He is following me, please, do something.." Her pride was swallowed as she explained her pain through black stained tears. Why was she the target of a cruel joke?

Jack withdrew the cigarette from his cracked lips, his face expressionless. This exact scenario had occurred so many times before that he had grown accustomed to it. Smoke slowly poured from Jack's mouth in sorrow. Quick calls like this were not usually accepted, but Lindsey was different. After all, the girl was his best friend's ex-girlfriend, but the two had remained in touch over the years as they developed into a brother-sister-like relationship. "I'll handle this one Lindsey, get yourself out of there you fool." Jack had heard enough information to make his move. The hunter became the prey, as one could say. It was easy to locate the subject, and Jack had taken his sweet time just to make sure that everything was perfect.

The time of death was 2:34, and the cause of death was... To begin, a trichloromethane -laced hand cloth was used, and inhaling and breathing the pain of several victims was enough to make anyone sick. Fingerprints were not left on the victims as a result of his careful touches. Everything Jack had learned up to that point had been thrown into this one scenario. Usually Jack didn't like to have victims die a slow death, but this case was an exception, Jack wasn't here to make friends after all. Daniel was left to rot in his hot blood and shame. By the time Jack got home, he smelt of copper and sweat. Knowing that tonight was a criminology club meet- Jack hurried and left the knife in the sink. After all, no one else was here to call him on his perhaps sadistic behavior. After all, Jack walked a line between good and evil.

Jack examined himself in the mirror, running his bony hands through his wavy brown locks. He didn't look bad for a twenty-two-year-old. However, there was no time to make out with him self in the mirror. It didn't take long for Jack to jump into the shower and get ready for the meeting. As usual, Jack looked glamorously ill, but he made an effort to appear presentable and not as if he had just taken someone's life. Jack knew he had won the gene lottery because he had strong cheekbones, longish hair, and a good build. It was the only thing that kept his job in check. Jack dressed in black jeans, a black button-down shirt, and a red leather jacket. Taking his car, it wasn't long before Jack arrived.

Not far into the meeting, Jack accidentally bumped into a woman which he immediately apologized for. "I am so sorry, are you alright?" Jack's voice was covered in a soft french accent.

And that was the day Jack had sold his soul to this woman he barely knew.
- xx -

Game with my character Jack and TheLandOfKate's character Alaka.

About me!

image05.gif❦ ~ My love language is music! I absolutely adore post punk, synth, and all metal genres. (Yes, even death and black metal.) I pretty much enjoy any 80s music to be honest, but my guilty pleasure is definitely Ms. Lady Gaga. If interested, here is my spotify playlist.
❦ ~ I am also part of the LGBTQ+ community. My pronouns are all of them and I'm bisexual! Homophobes, Terfs, etc, DO NOT INTERACT!

❦ ~ If it hasn't been noticed, I am also in love 90s/early 2000s aesthetics as well x 3

❦ ~ I am on the east coast, and I also have a cats named Charlie and Mercury.


Rave Reviews

I have roleplayed with her for a while already! She is an amazing writer and besides that also very friendly! With DreadHeadRed you can really plot things nicely and discuss things about the rp.

Her writing skills are amazing, she always writes the right amount and knows how to make the story fun!

Her characters are also amazing! They have a splendid personality which is super fun to rp with. Her characters are unique and very well written.

She truly is an amazing writer! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Cookiesareyummie
It is always a joy to see that my inbox has a reply from trashcanmurderer! They are very thorough with their replies and even better at helping drive the rp in directions you wouldn't think of at first! Jack pairs so well with my character and now I can't even picture her without him! 12/10 would recommend if you get the chance to rp with them! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - TheLandOfKate

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