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The main thing that I love about roleplay is the characters. The characters in a roleplay can have any personality, any appearance, any species, anything at all. The most important part of creating a character is making sure it isn't too powerful. As a result, my characters usually have some amazing physical abilities, as well as an emotional or biological hindrance like a past lover or a natural feral period. This balance is crucial towards the creation of a well-balanced character that has the potential to be something glorious.
Also, it is my personal belief that internally all people are good people with good intentions, and that no one is inherently evil. My characters, primarily my villains, reflect that belief. A character might be of a species that is considered evil at birth (demons, monsters, witches, etc). But when the character's past struggles are revealed, he or she may not be that evil and might even be likable. I like to believe that my characters are a a manifestation of my own complex personality which is why I can be so skillful with creating. For example, my most commonly used character, Ai Nakamikado the kunoichi, represents my wisdom and intelligence as someone who uses knowledge and instincts as deadlier weapons than swords; however, she also represents my forgotten anguish over the loss of loved ones and the will to live life in spite of that pain. I probably sound self-righteous and creepy, so I'll just end with this thing:
Wow, vampire. That's cool. Sort of.

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