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Thank you AliRevellian for the new icon! You're the best! <3

You can call me Twyla, Sonic or just any nickname!

Discord: sonic_boom46

Rebel princess (see also: assassin, pirate)
Kinda definitely an Irish redneck.
*Neurodivergent: i.e. unpredictible and (a good) weird in every way ^^*
**I have a full time job so I can't always answer right away**

Lover of Jesus, animals, reading/writing and music.
Always daydreaming, avoiding reality at all costs.
Never affected by gravity, my heads in the clouds.

"Daydreaming and music prove magic still exists." - Unknown

Rave Reviews

I absolutely love rping with them. We haven't been rping long but it has been great and one of my best rps ever. I never thought the plot would unfold this way but each twist presented by Twyla just makes it more and more interesting. Drives the plot forward Concise posts - Anonymous
Okay, how do I even start? I love practically everything about Twyla and her writing. It's very nice and easy to read and understand, and she never fails to make me excited to open her replies! She is really good at pushing that plot forward and making something as simple as character dialogue really interesting. Plus, she's just a really sweet person and I'm surprised she doesn't have more kudos - because she deserves them. Kudos!🥂 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - AliRevellian

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