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adult only; 21+
if you question it, ask first

These are a must!.

s e e k i n g

semi-active partners who can post once, or twice a day.
continuity & longevity.
all types of plots
character development
high fantasy; mystical characters

I’m not always super OOC, but I’m usually down to plot and chat!

availability ((est, us)):

m: ✔
t: ✔
w: ✔
t: x
f: x
s: x
s: x

Currently I do not have an exact schedule.

PS: I like dark and weird plots with some lighter elements! Hit me up with your weird ideas.


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I can't believe that I get to be the first person to give uhh kudos! They certainly deserve an avalanche of them. They have some really great characters that are amazingly put together. Not only that, but their writing is wonderful and so much fun to read. RP stuff aside, they're a lovely person to talk to, super friendly, and hilariously witty with an overflow of ideas. If you have a chance to RP with them, I highly suggest you do so! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Somnom

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