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By Doktor

The Queen of Light and Unicorn Sovereign
☪ いっかくじゅう| | 廌
☪AKA: Lumina | Lumi | Rah
☪ Female | 27 | California, USA | Biromantic Asexual
☪PM Friendly on All Accounts
☪ [ | | | | | | ]

"Then love knew it was called love.
And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
suddenly your heart showed me my way”

Good day! I have been a writer and roleplayer for a very long time, with a preference for mythical or magically inclined characters. I enjoy romance, adventure and intrigue in my stories and am happy to write in pre-established or custom settings. My other hobbies include gaming, reading and collecting artwork.

a list of my interests

favorite things: unicorns. pokemon, yugioh, magic the gathering, legend of zelda (breath of the wild), persona5, kingdom hearts (1, 2, 3), overwatch,, persona 5, assassins creed, borderlands, xenoblade chronicles 1+2, fiction/fantasy novels especially tamora pierce's the immortals, song of the lioness and any others based in tortall. the last unicorn, anything studio ghibli related, harry potter, marvel cinematic universe, rick riordan's books involving the olympians and the kane chronicles...greek, egyptian and japanese mythology. mythical beasts of all kinds..


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Rave Reviews

Unicorn is labeled on my site as best friend for a reason. She's always the first I come to about any issues OOCly. She's likely well known for her soft heart and kind words. Her friendliness and big heart knows no bounds. I've always admired it from afar and try to keep it safe from those who would use it against her. Because honest, good hearted people like her hardly exist...because other people can ruin it eventually. And I would hate to see it ruined when I'm the friend who should help>> - Michonne
So sweet and lovely and so full of skill and roleplay potential~ I'm sure everyone and their brother is roleplaying with you by now, but if they're not, they are missing out! There's really nothing more to be said about your greatness beyond you're fantastic and I love your characters~ <3 <3 <3 - CompanyPanda

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