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What am I supposed to say about myself here?

Hi I am useless and talking about myself but this is my about me so I'm kinda left with no choice *shrugs* so, I will give you some facts that you need to know. Most importanly, I am of the female variety of the human species. I had been RPing for a few years on a different site but I stopped. However, I soon realised that I missed my characters so I decided to bring them aka the asylum onto here for y'all 's pleasure

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This gal is an absolute joy to rolepaly with <3 She's literate, her reply responses are better than most, and she has /at least/ two paragraphs per post, usually more. She's absolutely amazing at making her characters and scenes come to life, as well as being consistent with all her characters provided information. If you dont RP with her, you'll probably regret it. - nightmqre

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