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wilts either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Fiebs is pretty freakin' great if you ask me. Meme Queen and CSS extraordinaire, there's definitely no shortage of fun times to be had around this lady. Her brainchildren are absolutely Fantastic, with compelling personalities and in-depth backstories. They're worth every second it takes to get to know them, just like the lady herself. You'll definitely never have a shortage of laughs! - emily
There is an elegance to this player. Something so delicious that draws you in. Like a zombie to warm bodied flesh, one can not avoid her. Her characters are orgasmic, defining the laws of creativity. Each one makes you want to fan girl, to squeal and rub yourself all over them. Amazing taste in plot and story line, laced with stunning writing capabilities. Envious nature eludes me, tempts me to take all her belongings for myself. "Beauty, is in my eyes when I gaze upon you." - Nekomanics

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