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stay humble. we all started out role playing neopets.
just a low-rent hadid wannabe in fresh prince clothing chillin


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Hag has been nothing short of excellent in the time I have known her. In my life I have never observed someone so uncommonly capable of self-possession as well as positive self cultivation and growth. Hag delivered unique aspects to my life that it had not before possessed and is largely responsible for my education in the new world I have stepped into. Her raw honesty combined with her genial character and humor are what drew me to her, but her linguistic ingenuity locked me in for the longhaul - Basalt
Fiebs is like a box of chocolate; You never know what you're gonna get. However! You know it'll always be something good and you look forward to it. While I haven't gotten to roleplay with her as much as i'd like, I know from experience that Fiebs has ideas unlike anyone else. - R08813

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