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he/him/GMT/all that jazz


I write men matales and complex female characters wym


hi bro I'd love to tell you more about me,
but my brain's running on a weekly RNG and who knows what the result is. I have a lot of characters uhh.

Rave Reviews

I wouldn't say I started out liking her a lot (but I do that with literally everyone), but I fancied her RP style from the first time I had the immeasurable pleasure of actually getting into a roleplay with her. After some while partaking in the odd farce, we started to talk and it wasn't long before I, myself, became wholly fond of her. I consider her one of my best friends, and an outright joy to be around. Her writing style is possibly the best I've ever had the joy to experience firsthand. - Pippycod
A sweetheart if ever there was one. Welcoming and pleasant to converse with. From the beginning I had a positive vibes from thee. I know this to be true that you hath a friend in me. - Silverspeare

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