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Beepbeep. I'm here to chew gum and roleplay and I'm all out of gum. I'm Gabe, a stressed out therapist who lives in Brooklyn. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my profile. Please note that I'm only interested in partnering with writers who are 21+.

I am a multi-para, literate roleplayer and I like the same from my partners. Inspire me with your writing, nerds.
I love to write! So, it's not unusual for me to respond daily. But, life happens and that's fine. Let me know, and I'll let you know, too. If you need to pause, and want to pick up later, we can do that!
I can be chatty OOC. We don't have to be best friends. But, I believe establishing a rapport OOC helps keep a roleplay going stronger and longer.
I write stories involving all sorts of relationships: mostly m/m and m/f, wouldn't say no to the right f/f. Trans and gender variant characters are amazing, too! (But, not in a fetishistic way. K tkx.)
Romance is great, but it doesn't have to be fluffy. I enjoy dark themes if they're balanced with humor.
Stories are better with some kind of chemistry, and I prefer when relationships aren't forced. Starting with a storyline to focus on other than "they fall in love" helps. Character development, biotch.
Regarding top/bottom dynamics, recently I have been exploring more dominant characters. But, my bread and butter tends to be characters who "switch" or are versatile in some or all aspects: sadist/masochist, top/bottom, dom/sub. Depending on the dynamic that develops and your preferences, my characters may lean one way or another.
Complex characters who are not reduced to mythical stereotypes about what the configuration gay people slot their genitals together theoretically means for their personality are my jam, babes.
I am flexible about genre. But, I enjoy fantasy settings the most. Let's build worlds! I prefer modern to historical fantasy. Mundane is nice for a change of pace. If you're excited about space and sci-fi, I'm not experienced with that, but would be psyched to explore. EDIT: I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT SPACE. PLAY SCI-FI WITH ME.
Smut is fun! I love kink. But, I heavily prefer stories that emphasize plot. So, let's talk about plot/smut ratios before we get started. It's nice to be on the same page. 80/20? Aight! 50/50? Also aight! Just let me know what you're about before we get started.
I've got lots of ideas! So many ideas. If we're plotting, I will probably throw lots at you. Please don't be afraid to say, 'Let's go this direction instead.' I like working collaboratively.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

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Chance (played by winplaceshow)
Chance is a absolutely delectable hot mess yet not mess gem of a character. He is an ever intriguing pile of turtlenecks filled with personality quirks some charming and some delightfully concerning. Chance is a gift to this earth and any character who interacts with him. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - MercyInReach
Hi there! Looking for a rad person with rad characters? Then you're reading the right kudo! Gabe here? I mean...rad, ofc, but more than that! They're super cool neat and honestly like? The best? Our RP has been so much fun and there's always something new popping up that keeps it fresh and exciting! Also, all the art on their characters is stunning so you really can visualize their character and what's going on! They're also super fun to talk to OOC and is so much fun to worldbuild with! ily<3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Kamui

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