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  • Gender: Female

Hello All!

If you do not know me, let me introduce myself. Many people call me Wolfy or a select few have permission to call me by my real name. My username has no real origin since I've used it for most of my life.

While I'm not on here or working, I'm exercising horses and traveling to shows. Please understand that this is what I hope to do for a living and have to spend countless of hours furthering my knowledge in my, hopefully, profession. There is really never a for sure time when I can reply to a RP, but I try my best to do it in a reasonable time.

As for the type of RP I like....
My character(s) are mostly the fantasy type. I usually do RP's in the genre of Fantasy. I prefer to RP things with adventure, fantasy elements, and romance elements (nothing insane but I do love chemistry between characters).

There's not much else to know about me and don't be afraid to talk to me! I'm always looking for someone to talk to.

As I stated above, outside of the Role-playing world I am dedicated to my equine partners. In the near future, I hope to expand my knowledge, secure my profession in that world, and launch a business. While doing all of this, I would love to also become an author. Most of my time is either spent riding, writing, or reading. It's what keeps me reasonably happy and sane.

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  • This gal is alot of fun to RP with. I played with Rae and she is quite the instigator! You'll have no trouble finding a good time in any RP's with this gal.
    -- Gamers
  • This girl right here, I can't even described how much fun she is. But I must try! Even thought she left for a little bit, she came back even better than before!!! I love how she replies and how each character is so different form the other! Wolfy, keep up the good work!
    -- KuroSakuranbo14

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