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Roleplay Status: Slowly coming along.

Current Active Roleplays: Two

Simple Roleplay Rules

Please no one liners. Have at least one or two paragraphs.

NO SMUT. Romance is allowed. Kissing is allowed. But no smut.

I am a minor.

Hi. My name is Seth.

I uh, draw, play games, roleplay, and I'm a weeb.

Okay bye!!! <3 :star:

Rave Reviews

Really knows how to throw a par-tay! Detailed scenes and very colorful descriptions, a great sense of excitement and cheer, and sets an emotional mood well. Good at in-character thinking, it seems! I haven't RPed interactively with this person yet, but I think it would be cool to. Also a fun sense of community and a really creative mind for games. Like... Fairy tale sci-fi. One of my favorite settings! :D - Shinyrainbowlithogra
Ari is SUCH an amazing young artist, not only is it so awesome to get to watch their improvement over time, but to be able to see the beautiful things they create each and every time they share. They are so positive and kind to everyone on RPR that the site truly wouldn’t be the same without them. I am grateful to have a chance to know them and to get to know them better in the future. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kruhee

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