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RP Status: 5/5
Small bit of DM and writing burnout.
Not currently looking for new rps while I work through an rpg story arc with my present groups.

Heya, I'm Xed, local disaster pigeon, sleepless gremlin, and 17 year rp veteran. I go by she/he/they pronouns, so you can freely use whatever you'd like for me. ;>

I'm pretty new to this site, but have rped across quite a few different forums and chats, but Discord is one of my homes nowadays, but I'm hoping to make this one one too. ^^

My timezone is MST (GMT-6) but I'm a pretty chronic insomniac with some chronic health issues that kick me to the curb on occasion so I pretty much appear whenever. I do make an effort to drop in daily at a minimum. If I don't get back to you immediately, there's a good chance I'm either asleep or caught up with things atm.

I commission a lot of art for my characters as I prefer not to use art without permission as an artist myself, so you may see a bunch of different types of pieces outside of stock images.
My character profiles are sort of in a permanent wip since I often get too busy to write everything down, but they all have some sort of background and I'm always willing to talk about them.

The characters I have here are also not the only ones I have, so be sure to check out my other characters here:
My Toyhouse

Thanks for stopping by!

Some stuff about my writing style & preferences:
-I generally only rp with people 18+ for personal reasons as I like being able to make friends with people closer to my own age.
I'm a bit shy with new people, but I like being able to talk in ooc with people I rp with from time to time.

-I only write in 3rd person, paragraph style. I generally consider my writing within the semi-lit to advanced lit range, but it can vary quite a bit.

-IC isn't OOC. I try to keep them distinct as much as I can and prefer a partner that can do the same. My characters aren't indicative of my own beliefs and I try to ask an rp partner's rp limits before starting an rp to avoid any possible discomfort or drama due to character actions.

-I tend to write a lot of dialogue and enjoy writing and interacting with multiple characters at once. I'm a pretty forever dm when it comes to tabletop games and write outside of rp every now and then, so it's what I'm most used to.

-Most of my rp time has been spent among rp groups equally between text chat and forum rps, but I am still very familiar with 1x1 settings.

-My reply lengths vary heavily, but I usually write within the range of 30 to 1k+ words, depending on what there is to reply to, motivation, and setting. I tend to average a paragraph to 3-4 per post, but I try not to stress wordcount too much and focus on the content above all.
I try to match where possible.

-Worldbuilding and plot heavy things are my jam. I also do like grimdark and actiony things as much as I like fluffy romance.
I don't have too much I shy away from writing, except maybe really gritty, realistic historical stuff. I love historical settings, but I like fantasy elements in worlds and like playing with alternate history settings as well. Don't expect complete historical accuracy from me, but I do try to research what I write.

-I don't like being ghosted and tend to take it personally and might avoid rping with you again if there's been a pattern of it, but I understand when things just aren't working out in a setting and rl sometimes gets in the way. I try to maintain communication with a partner and expect the same respect (even if it's just a small heads up to let people know that a reply might take some time or a notice that you're no longer interested in an rp.)
Usually I'll check posts and reply daily, but my reply speed can range anywhere from multiple times a day to a week. Anything longer can occasionally happen, but I will generally give a heads up when that's the case.

-My preferred settings are dark & high fantasy, medieval, modern fantasy, crime/noir, and sci-fi.

-I like writing a lot of comedic and angsty things in equal measure and have been known to bully my own characters into submission. I like to drive settings through characters and they tend to end up in a lot of wacky premises and situations due to this.
If you're expecting a completely serious setting with no tears shed over characters or room for laughs, you won't find that with me. My characters are all a bunch of dysfunctional, troubled idiots, much like myself.

-I also do like to write a lot of villainous and morally ambiguous characters. Settings that are purely slice of life tend not to hold my interest very well, but I enjoy slice of life in combination with other genres and plot.

-I enjoy romance quite a bit, but I prefer characters getting to know each other first before diving into ships.
As I'm asexual, I'm uncomfortable with purely sexually based rps especially with people I don't know well, but I am willing to write some nsfw content with those I am familiar and comfortable with with certain characters. Generally I write to fade to blacks by default in normal rp and will only write explicit content via Discord or PM (since I'm not too comfy having anything of that nature publicly visible in general) as long as it's been discussed ahead of time with me.

-I'm not interested in yaoi/yuri type pairings though. I don't mind lgbt+ romance in the slightest, but I like to flesh out characters more than stock anime/manga tropes.

FxF, MxM, FxM, and queer/poly pairings are all fine with me, just respect individually listed character sexualities and we've got no issues. I will generally not compromise on these.

-I'm also a huge fan of bromances, rivalries, and enemy pairings. Not everything needs to be a romantic ship, after all. ;>

-I'm usually willing to adjust my characters to fit settings or preferences (within reason). None of my characters have lore entirely set in stone outside of backstories most of the time as I like to shove them in a lot of AUs.
I am also willing to make new characters as needed per setting, don't be afraid to ask.

-If I get really into an rp setting, I may draw characters together, memes, or scenes from one. I will generally ask beforehand, but fair warning.

-You can find additional info on my preferences and some writing samples of mine here:
My RP Comfort Info

About Me
I'm currently a disabled, full time college student who does some artistic stuff and programming on the side to get by.

I usually write a bunch of funny, feminine men, weird monsters, butch ladies, and clueless aliens when I'm not dming tabletop campaigns or running RPG worlds and greatly enjoy video games, art, composing music, writing, and worldbuilding as hobbies.

I have an crippling obsession with anything avian, with pigeons being my greatest love affair of all.
No kids, but a gremlin of a cat named Jax that could certainly pass for one and a much loved partner who also does some rp and writing of his own.

My furry son:

If you're curious to know more about me or anything else I do, you can find my Carrd or message me on Discord at xedite#9177 and let me know you're coming from RPR.

Will Dos & Won't Dos

-Fantasy (High, Medieval, Dark, Modern, etc)
-Sci-fi (generally mixed with fantasy elements)
-Noir/Mystery/True Crime
-Slow burn romance (FxM, MxM, FxF. May consider other pairing types)
-Dark themes
-Writing multiple characters
-Detailed characters
-Humanoid characters

Will do
-Historical settings (harder for me without doing research as I go, but I like the challenge. Victorian era and Renaissance eras are a favorite of mine)
-Hard/Realistic sci-fi (same as above)
-Low fantasy
-Military based settings
-Multiverse settings
-Dice based settings
-DND based settings
-AU settings for characters in existing settings
-Wuxia/Japanese/Asian themed settings
-Fade to black
-OC species
-Anthro characters
-Writing intro/starter posts
-Small group rps (no larger than 5, please)
-Occasional sexual scenes where character development is considered

-Fandom based rps (please ask me first, the ones I am most open to are Pokemon, Phoenix Wright, and Fire Emblem. I may consider others, but I do not write canon characters)
-'Realistic' human characters (more iffy about writing them than rping with other ones. Have some, but I prefer using more fantastical or supernatural types of characters myself)
-Aquatic/pirate settings
-Post Apocalyptic/Survival
-Grimdark/taboo settings (case by case)
-Pure slice of life settings (tend to get boring for me quickly)
-Superhero settings
-Plot based sexual settings
-Permanent character injury (discuss with me first)
-Single shipping (depends on character)
-Closed species (I tend not to follow these well)

Very iffy, probably not
-Love at first sight premises (generally not interested)
-Harem (poly relationships are fine though)
-Sex heavy settings without plot
-Permanent character death (case by case, must be discussed first)

Won't Do
-Feral characters (not my cup of tea. Generally don't like to rp with them either as most of my characters are humanoid or anthromorphic. Feral shifters are fine)
-Art rp (don't have the time)
-Child characters (I refuse to write characters under the age of 18 and will not rp with characters under that age in any setting)
-Large group rps (not interested)
-Yaoi/yuri tropes
-WW2 settings
-Noncon/sexual assault (all character interactions must be consentual, no exceptions)
-Godmodding, powerplaying, etc.
(standard stuff, knowledge of basic rp etiquette will get you far with me)
-Rp with users under 18
(please don't try it, it makes me extremely uncomfortable.
If you are playing an anon character, I will need proof of your age and a profile link to your userpage via pms first)
-Script style rp (not interested)
-Ooc drama (too old for it, keep it away from me and I'll keep it away from you)
-Anything listed as 'no' on my F-list below.

Check out some of my mains below:

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