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Avid writer and reader,
you would think I would be simpler
yet I wish to prove you wrong
my words entrance
their beauty enchants
I may charm
or go for your heart
the opposite can also be said
my words are my weapon
for with every word and sentence
a wound I can open
a scar I may leave
so think wisely how you treat me
I am a rose
that bears her thorns
a fire that dances
and burns without mercy
and every sentence
every word
only feeds me
feeds my love
fuels my rage


I try best not to ghost if I do not answer it is not that I don't want to roleplay it possibly is I forgot to answer or lost your message with the others. I have a busy schedule so I might not answer for a few days and pop up out of nowhere. sorry to anyone who thinks I' ve ghosted them it is not on purpose please forgive me.


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This girl is an amazing player! Her plots and characters flow together smoothly and she's a VERY respectable person who pays everyone the same respect! If you need a refreshing and relaxed plot with amazing characters, y'all better message yzaiskane first! - TheNightmareSavage
An excellent spinner of stories, Yzasikane takes the elements I enjoy in singular tales and brings them together beautifully. I have had the pleasure of getting to RP with her, and I have come to admire her characters, her writing style, and her unquenchable imagination. I highly recommend you join her on a roleplay ASAP, if you have not already. - Arcol

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