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Hello! I'm an artist by trade and love to role-play as a hobby. Admittedly not super confident in my writing and still feel a speed-bump of shyness on meeting new people, but do feel free to reach out.

  • Low Fantasy
  • High Fantasy
  • Slice of Life
  • Romance
  • Modern Life
  • Original Characters
  • I'm open to trying anything; those listed above are what I have the most experience with.
  • I have not tried fandom RP.

Writing Style & Preferences
  • 3rd Person Narrative
  • Multiple paragraphs, but I'm happy to adapt to my partner and the situation itself.
  • I try to write in a clear functional style to be more easily understood but I am not beyond the occasional (or frequent) spelling and grammar error.
  • I do not mind waiting for days for the next post! Life happens - that's fine. My preference is for daily posting but I'm not likely to drop an RP soley because of pace.
  • A short encounter or a long elaborate plot; both are great.

My Limits
  • Sexual, violent, dark, or offensive things happening in a story is fine - but I don't fancy sexual or gory details:
  • Fade-to-black or tastefully reserved descriptions of story-relevant moments only for sexual scenes. No smut or RP where sex is the focus I'm afraid.
  • I don't mind maiming, grievous injury, or even death in a story, but prefer descriptions not to revel in nauseating details beyond the minimum needed to express appropriate gravitas.
  • Some of my characters are admittedly born from my aspects, but they are not me. They may act in ways that you dislike - and your characters may do the same for me! It's never personal :)
  • I am open to discussing story direction with you out of character, but please never take anything that happens between our characters to be reflective of our out-of-character friendship, positive or negative!

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