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Heya so, I'm Zerrek, I am female, 20, and have been roleplaying for roughly.. 7 years I wanna say. I'm usually use to roleplaying on Deviantart before the horrid Eclipse layout absolutely destroyed all forms of HTML building, so here I am trying out this site. I plan to mostly RP as characters who either already exists or add my own spins on them (alternate universes, what if's, ect). Might be a while till I get use to this website, but I'm hopeful to get back into roleplaying like I use to on DA, and I can't wait to make some memories on here.

These are the fandoms I'm currently interested in:

-Marble Hornets
-Steven Universe
-A few horror fandoms, mostly movie universes

My pronouns are she/her, and I'm more known for my animation channel on Youtube, with over 50.0k subs :p

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