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Hello whoever may be looking at my profile. I don't really know what to put here, so I'm just gonna copy a few friends of mine.

I roleplay a pretty broad spectrum, including but not limited to
-Fandoms (Including RWBY, Halo, and Star Wars among others)

Thought it was about time I edited this. Seems bland, not like putting this little bit in will change much. I discovered Roleplaying in and of itself around 7-8 years ago and have been fairly active in it ever since(save for recently, as I've just been too busy to do anything). I enjoy most RPs, though those stated above are definitely my preferences.

When it comes to post length, I don't really like to post small novels as my response. Sure, once in a while I may do several paragraphs, but I honestly like to keep it to five and under. Anything above without controlling multiple characters/scenarios just seems like a bunch of showing off and flowery, unnecessary text that does nothing but force the reader to sift through dozens of adjectives to get the gist of the post. With that said, I don't necessarily like one-liners either, but we all have those days.

Other than RPing, I've found myself a few other interests. Anime, gaming, and music are probably among my top three, though that's not all.

When it comes to anime and those I've watched, my favorites boil down to Psycho-Pass, Spice and Wolf, Tokyo Ghoul, and Mirai Nikki/The Future Diary. (I know it's not necessarily anime, but instead Western Animation, but, I'll include RWBY on this list as well.)

To the gaming list goes Kingdom Hearts, The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, and Halo for series games. However, games like Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, and Mirror's Edge also peak my interest.

Music's quite simpler than the other two lists: anything that isn't country I can probably find some enjoyment in. Pop and rap (and their subdivisions) are areas that are a little more touchy, but my definite preferred area is probably around rock and its subdivisions the whole way through metalcore.

I feel as if I went from a rather small list to quite a large wall of text, but, to any who read this far, thanks for reading. I'm not too active here and don't know if I'll get to being more active, but, I do enjoy what little time I do spend here.

Rave Reviews

Well, I've roleplayed with her on other sites before. She's a really great person to be with! She's a great friend, and she is great at roleplaying! She's probably my favorite roleplaying partner in a roleplay! I always look forward to roleplaying with her more, and I hope you guys do, too! - RainbowToRosie
Zimey! Who could forget this marvelous human being? Nobody! I've RPed with her multiple times over the last year! Her grammar and sentence structure is amazing! Definitely a good choice of RP partner. She doesn't bite much... ALSO! She's funnier than Funny Man himself! :D - DrDragonHD

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