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I have a life. I try real hard to check on things here but somethings I'll miss it. I also have a husband, job, and a toddler. Thank you for understanding!!

Role-playing with me:
Smut is not a problem but I don't like making it all about our plot. It makes the roleplay boring. If you don’t like that please let me know ahead of time before we start the role-play!

I usually write a paragraph (4+ lines) so I would appreciate it if you would do the same. But I am not going to call you out, unless I'm the only carrying the story. Please be as detailed as you can.

I am cool if we don't roleplay everyday. I understand we all have lives and things to do. But let me know if its going to be longer than a week. If you don't reply in a week I'll delete the chat.

⚔️ Do not control my character

⚔️ Please let me know if you’re unable to role-play. I will let you know in my statuses if I’m available. I am flexible though.If an emergency comes up or anything really, I will understand.

⚔️ literate Role-play please. 3 to 4 lines if possible

⚔️ No texting language or *’s

⚔️ Please be open to be male or
female. I will be play both but do prefer female if we are doing my plot.

⚔️ I am open to doubles!

⚔️ I do not do MxM or GXG

⚔️ I love doing Alternate Universe Role-players

⚔️ I love doing role plays based on tv shows or movies


⚔️I don't do incest roleplays.

About me:
I've been Role-playing for 10 years!

Timezone: Central USA

Name: Lynn
Pronouns: She/her
Latter Day Saint 💒
Zodiac: ♒
I am happily married 💍
Location: USA/TN 🇺🇸
Homebody 🏡
Work: Amazon Warehouse

I have a little girl name Aislinn 🤱 👶🏻
🍼And I am pregnant with baby #2 🍼

I deal with Anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

I make dice for role-playing games. I hope to make it a business soon! 🎲


Positive traits: Kinda, listener, and caring. I'm really a chill and easy going person.

Negative traits: I can't stand people who lie. I am often grouchy and when I am it makes me mad at everyone. I take long breaks from social media so it's better to text me. I am sensitive and some times and that can lead me to misunderstand you. I can be a needy person. I’m a big over thinker.

color: Blue, green, pink, purple

Foods: Tacos and pizza.
Honestly I'm a foodie so I'll eat anything!

Top actors: Tom Hiddletson, Paul Rudd, Jensen Ackles, Michael Cudlitz and Jon Bernthal

Top tv shows: Supernatural, The walking Dead, The vampire diaries, Bobs Burgers, 9-1-1, 9-1-1 Longstar, American Horror Story, and more!

Top Artists: Nickleback, TøP, Panic at the Disco, Lady Gaga , Camilla Cabello and so many more

Top You Tubers:
Jeffery Star, Markipliler, Daz Black/Daz Games, Cinema Sins, Watch MoJo, Music Video Sins, Couple Thing, Smosh, Bart Baker/ Lil Kloroxxx, The Key of Awesome/ Barely Political, The Lonely Island, and more!

☆ D&D
☆ YouTube
☆ Writing/ fan fiction
☆ Reading
☆ Anime/Manga
☆ Video Games
☆ Crafting anything really
☆ Cross stitching
☆ Cosplay
☆ Music: Pop, Rock, and 80's
☆ Serial Killers and Crime stories
☆ Dogs, Cats, hamsters, and fish lover
☆ Comic Books
☆ Zombies 🧟‍♀️
☆ Vampires 🧛🏻‍♀️
☆ Werewolves
☆ Harry Potter- Gryffindor
☆Diamond Painting (🖼 + 💎)
☆ Roleplaying

Pets: lab/pointer mix puppy named Phoebe🐾

I write imagines, fan fictions, fantasy, and more! Check my Wattpad. My username is @zombiequeen200

You want to be my friend?
Age: 18+
Gender: Any
Do you want them to start the conversation?
Yes that would be nice

Social Medias:
If you want to add me on one just ask. These are the ones I use.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp

Any other questions please feel free to ask!

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