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I have a life. I try real hard to check on things here but somethings I'll miss it. I also have a husband, job, and a newborn. Thank you for understanding!!

Role-playing with me:
Smut is not a problem but I don't like making it all about our plot. It makes the roleplay boring.

I usually write a paragraph so I would appreciate it if you would do the same. But I am not going to call you out, unless I'm the only carrying the story. Please be as detailed as you can.

I am cool if we don't roleplay everyday. I understand we all have lives and things to do. But let me know if its going to be longer than a week. If you don't reply in a week I'll delete the chat.

About me:
I've been Role-playing for 10 years!

Nerdy girl🤓
Married-12/1/17 💍
Latter Day Saint💒
A Bibliophile📖
Anime lover ⚔️
Momma to a sweet baby girl (March 2020)

Any other questions please feel free to ask!

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