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Jondrette-Girl » Characters

Angel Estella Steiner

Female German Police Detective trying to raise her twin girls (one of whom battles 2 disabilities) on her own and solve her husband's murder whilst attempting to live a full life.

Clara Irma Makutswe

Female South African air hostess muddling through an unhappy marriage, the motherhood of her son, and figuring out her next move.

Irene Keeva O'Farnon

Female Irish actress who was raised in a Mental Health hospital that only did her harm and who has no intention of stopping her violent and dangerously manipulative tendencies.

Lia Angelica Marquez

Female Venezuelan nurse who came to London in a metal crate, got into a serious accident and suffered amnesia before rebuilding her life once again, ultimately getting stuck in a 'groundhog day' situation.

Nancy Tallulah Alice Zsereda

Female Ukrainian Sex Worker trying to catch a break, pull herself out of the bottom of society, find hope where there's none and make the best of a bad situation.

Queenie Bluebell Reedbourne

Female Australian orphan girl fighting Addiction and struggling with being a single mother, all the while not knowing why she was abandoned by the two parents she never knew.