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LakotaSiouxWarrior » Characters

Alexandra Jessica Kennedy

Female Las Vegas Raider cheerleader Aylssa Nicole Kennedy younger sister

Apocalypse angel

Female Apocalypse angel warrior leader

Autumn Nicole Madison

Female College professor looking for a dean or professor

Aylssa Nicole Wilson

Female High school cheerleader looking for a mentor

Aylssa Nicole Kennedy

Female "Undefeated warrior" proud mother of melissa Ann winona Kennedy


Female Batgirl professional crime fighter

Bessie Billie Armstrong

Female Tortured torch blues singer looking for love and salvation


Male Blackbeard world famous pirate

Caitlin Aylssa Franklin

Female Professonal escort

Caitlin Nicole Templeton

Female Millionaire's daughter looking for love

Captain Barbossa

Male Legendary pirate looking for a crew a ship beautiful wenches.

Captain Barbra blackbeard

Female Pirate captain out for revenge

Captain Blood

Female Pirate captain out for a man and treasure

Captain Elizabeth Sparrow

Female Captain jackleine sparrow daughter

Captain Jacqueline Sparrow

Female Pirate looking out for booty and treasure

Captain Teague

Male Professonal pirate out for booty rum and treasure

Catlin Aylssa Lee

Female College school girl seeks dean or college professor

Champagne Catherine Parker

Female French maid

Chardonnay Charlize Parker

Female French maid looking for a boss

Desiree Melissa Jefferson

Female High school cheerleader looking for a man

Desiree Melissa Trudell

Female Saloon girl/prostitute

Elizabeth Catlin Jennings

Female Beautiful pirate wench looking for a pirate captain and ship

Jennifer Jessica Blackhawk

Female Cherokee outlaw smuggler

Jennifer Josephine Dunbar

Female Brave heroic York city detective

Jennifer Nicole Sheridan

Female Army General

Jennifer Nicole Dillinger

Female FBI agent

Jessica Aylssa Madison

Female College cheerleader and student looking for a dean,professor or teacher for tutoring

Jessica Aylssa Reynolds

Female CEO Personal assistant looking for a boss

Jessica Melissa Franklin

Female Washington dc high priced escort

Jessica Melissa Dante

Female Mafia hit woman seeks work

Jessica Nicole Hamilton

Female Girl next door "she's a big girl now"

Jessie James Booth

Male Gunslinger looking for gunfights whiskey saloon girls

Josephine Jamie Page

Female The illegitimate daughter of rock star legend

Judas lscariot Jones

Male CEO boss from hell

Justice Melissa Andrews

Female Mercenary bounty hunter out for justice

Lauren Adams

Female Femme fatale

Leah Lucinda Seger

Female Professional gambler looking for a man and money

Lisa Nicole Bennett

Female City prosecutor looking for justice and love

Lisa Nicole Forrest

Female Professonal army sergeant

Madison Morgan Kennedy

Female Washington redskins cheerleader heartbreaker and hussy

Madison Nicole Davis

Female Southern belle high school teacher

Melissa Ann Winona Kennedy

Female Beloved daughter of Aylssa Nicole Kennedy

Mona Lisa Rimbaud

Female Parisian French con artist

Mona Lisa Taylor

Female Secretary looking for a boss

Peyton Alyssa Kennedy

Female Dallas cowboy cheerleader heartbreaker and hussy

Phoenix Candy Willams

Female Sheriff knows all the laws and breaks them anyways

Pussycat doll

Female Back up singer/stripper for hire

Rachel Kimberly Zimmerman

Female Jewish polish resistance freedom fighter

Rebecca Jamie Jefferson

Female College cheerleader and student looking for a professor

Rebecca Aylssa Washington

Female Professional nurse looking for true love

Rebecca Jamie Sherman

Female Dedicated loyal army sergeant

Rebecca Nicole Townshend

Female Rock star daughter of a rock guitar legend

Rebecca Nicole Washington

Female High power lawyer looking for clients

Righteous Justice Dylan

Female Scarlett sara dylan manager and sister

Rose Dawson

Female Titanic survivor

Scarlett Candy Blessing

Female New York city Police detective looking for romance

Scarlett Melissa Richards

Female Catholic school girl seeks mentor

Scarlett Sara Dylan

Female Bass playing daughter of legendary bob dylan

Summer Nicole Johnson

Female California girl looking for a good time

Supergirl Kara zorel

Female Supergirl/Kara zor-el

Susan Jessica Springsteen

Female Police woman looking for violators

Susan Nicole Peltier

Female Rogue cop out for justice

Warrior with a bow and arrow

Female Sioux warrior out to defend her nation and tribe

Warrior with the great spirit

Female Sioux Medicine woman

Warrior without fear

Female Vigilante Sioux warrior for hire

Wendy Werewolf

Female Werewolf seeking flesh blood love

Werewolf of london

Female Werewolf out for victims

Wonder woman

Female Wonder woman "crime fighter"