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Tusitala2017's trophy case

In the middle ages, an accolade was a ceremony to confer knighthood upon a worthy individual.

On the RP repository, an accolade is an award given for helping to improve the site in some way. Most commonly, they are given to people who submit a bug report that leads to something being fixed.

Tusitala2017 has received 22 accolades for her contributions to the RP repository. Brava!

Drained Neon Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotDrained Vivid Pastel Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotDrained Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotDrained Pastel Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotWater Celtic Friendship KnotWinter Candle LightWinter Candle LightWinter Candle LightWinter Candle LightDrained Vivid Pastel Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotBlue Celtic Friendship KnotBlue RibbonFire Celtic Friendship KnotSlice of Eighth Birthday CakeDrained Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotPastel Rainbow Celtic Friendship KnotRainbow Celtic Friendship KnotCandy AppleHalloween CandyCandy CornCandy CornSlice of Ninth Birthday Cake

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