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Kudos for LakotaSiouxWarrior

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • Where should I start? Well, I haven't really RPed with this person, but I have to say Lakota is pretty cool, fun, and friendly! Like really! I've seen her a lot on here that if there were ever a time I no longer see her name in my feed, I would question a lot. But seriously! This person is really nice! Worth befriending for realz! Stay SWEET and AWESOME! <3 Kind and understanding - HibariHaru013

  • I love this character profile! A cool addition to the Kennedy cheerleader family by this fine writer! I look forward to reading her journal as she writes her adventures as an Oakland Raiderette!! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Deumeawyn

  • This person is really friendly. She doesn't mind striking up a conversation, and we can chat for hours! She makes Symphony feel welcome, and that can be hard to do. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - ThatOneMysterian

  • She is an amazingly generous person. Even when we were barely acquainted, she gifted me a bacon out of the blue which has allowed for new interesting characters. Looking forward to a roleplay together soon! Kind and understanding Helpful - Tusitala2017

  • This was probably the most adorable scene I did during Halloween. The character was a little girl and it was her first-time trick-or-treating. I was very impressed with the quality of the writing. The scene was short and the posts concise, but it was just what it needed. The character was really well written and I really could see the whole thing unfolding in my mind as we wrote. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - AgentMilkshake

  • I'm going to give kudos to my friend again because I have been reading through her characters and I just love the creativity on so many of them! I subscribe to this Lakota's characters so I get to read all the journal entries! I can only tick a couple boxes, but they are so much more! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Deumeawyn

  • I really like this period history character! Reading through her journal gives us a beautiful story of a very dark time on the history of the world! Rachael is a very deep creation! Read her journal! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Deumeawyn

  • I LOVE this French Maid! The journal entries are wonderful! I an dying to know what the Champagne Parker special treatment is! Another great character creation by this writer! Read and enjoy her page! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Deumeawyn

  • She is one of my friends,and she is so sweet and I am greatful to have her as a friend. We haven't rped yet,but when i look at her responses in forum topics,her posts are very detailed. Kind and understanding Helpful - JetStorm

  • Lakota is one of those who stayed beside me, here on RPR, when I was going through the major stress and emotional roller coaster of my rl this year. She is one I'm so glad to have helped me get through the tough time. I love that we can both be open about our belief's. Lakota with her Native American heritage, and me with my Norse Paganism. She really is a wonderful person to talk to, when you need some extra support in your life. Kind and understanding Helpful - Winters_Fury

  • She's always welcoming to all new members of the site and is so uplifting and positive and encouraging to everyone on the site. I admire them for their endless positive attitude and always being pleasant everywhere on the site. Kind and understanding Helpful - Somnom

  • LakotaSiouxWarrior is always welcoming people and encouraging people. She is a valued member of the RpR community, and I'm glad to be one of the recipients of her kindness and bursts of encouragement. She's also got a good sense of humor, and a good taste in music. She is a strong woman with an interesting personal story and background, and it's an honor to know her. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful - Abigail_Austin

  • I believe this is a new character of Lakota’s and she works! Lol forward to seeing her exploits on the California beaches! A wonderful visual from the written description! Creative ideas - Deumeawyn

  • I smile whenever I see Melissa in my notifications! She is well presented as a five year old and I love her journal! A beautiful side she adds to her mother’s character and her information has such cute lines about eating at McD’s and wondering what home cooking is. Give her page a read! It’s entertaining! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Deumeawyn

  • I have been following Aylssa and her journal for some time now and her page is beautiful and it is updated on a regular basis. Her journal entries tells a story, and gives the reader lovely insights into Aylssa’s character. Give her page scream, it’s quite entertaining. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Deumeawyn

  • Always ready to say something nice to or about others, they are an active force around RPR and always seem to be up for a good time! :) Happy to have them here on RPR, and glad they bring such positivity to the table. Kind and understanding Helpful - Kruhee

  • I love this awesome lady! My 🍷 wine-drinking 🍷 partner from across the world! Her characters are to die for and find have been inspirations for some of mine! She brightens up RPR as she welcomes everyone and writes wonderful song and poetry! She is a good friend! Talk to her and see what I mean! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Deumeawyn

  • Lakota is sweet and a welcoming presence on the site. She has really good taste in music, and has an interesting background and life story. I'm proud to call her a friend. - Abigail_Austin

  • I have to say I am blessed to know Lakota! She is always willing to chat with me at weird hours! She is the woman at the door welcoming each and every new member to RP Repository with such kind words! I haven’t roleplayed with her but her characters and their journals are wonderful! Get to know her! She is a blessing! - Deumeawyn

  • A fun RPer with cool ideas and well-dressed characters. Kind to fellows players, but focused on their RP... Jovial, can roll with the punches. You were cool to play with! :p - Shinyrainbowlithogra