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Kudos for nightmqre

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • I love seeing their art around RPR and they make some pretty cute adopts too! A fantastic artist and creative mind! 10/ Bean, quite a bean! Creative ideas - Kruhee

  • I gotta give my friend here some kudos. they're a very kind-hearted person, and although they've been through a lot they remain strong and resiliant. also, their writing is detailed and descriptive, and they have very creative ideas to go along with it. even in every day conversation, they contribute great things to the discussion - whether they be insightful or humourous, the things this person says are always worth hearing. :) - pixl.Bee

  • This human right here is pretty awesome. Resilient, fun to talk to, great sense of humour, eloquent and detailed writing, and interesting characters! What's not to like? Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • I haven't talked to Stats in a while, but assure you, I still refer to them as my best friend. I'm sorry I didn't say Happy Birthday- I hope this makes up for it. But they are an amazin' writer, a very kind and beautiful person. Go check em out. Ily boo <3 Creative ideas Wonderful writer - lemondrxpsx

  • I am a massive fan of StaticNightmare's artwork! Even though I've only known them a short time I've been astounded by their improvement and growth! They also have a lot of passion and excitement for their characters, putting in an incredible amount of love and effort into their profiles and templates! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Claine

  • Static is someone who has continued to greatly impress me throughout the time I have known them. Time and again I've witnessed their resilience in the face of life's obstacles and the way they've handled them was nothing short of champion level victory. They are kind and accepting of any form of existence on top of this which makes them an excellent role model on RPR. Having seen several examples of their writing too has left me further impressed at their ability to intertwine words into story. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Voldarian_Empire

  • The first thing I noticed about StaticNightmares is that they can write extremely well, especially considering they're a smol bean. The second thing I noticed is that they're is very friendly and very active. Those things have enhanced the RpR community. I'm glad Static has become a familiar presence in the community. Static is a nice person, and a talented writer and talented as an artist. They also helped me out with something recently, which I appreciate. Helpful Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

  • I swore, I gave her kudo ah well maybe it was appreciation thread, whatever.

    Point is she deserves kudo. She's strong, don't let yourself say otherwise... I believe in her, even if I don't like her as much as I could or know you as well as others. On positive note her art and creativity flourishes with time spent her.
    I await to see the person you will become in future. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - RimCaster

  • It's very obvious that Nightie has the mind and talent for creativity. From the characters they make, to the groups they've formed, to their artwork that they've been making. Everything they create is made with so much passion. I hope I get to see their art continue to grow! Aside from that, they always approach people with kindness no matter what they're going through and I admire that. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - MissPixie

  • I'm continuously impressed with StaticNightmares's resilience and kindness! When life throws them curve balls, they manage to stay true to themselves and reach out to share with loved ones -- that requires strength and perseverance, and shows a strong ability to grow and adapt. I think that's truly admirable! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Sanne

  • This woman and I have only briefly chatted once or twice. Still I am impressed by the eloquency of her forum posts and her amazing creativity. She is definitely a treasure to the RPRepository community. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - LakotaSiouxWarrior

  • Nightie is possibly one of the MOST relatable out there to me. And honestly...He's my best friend and I could never have asked for anyone like him. I've honestly lost some friends and I just somehow know I won't lose Nightie. He's an amazing writer with colorfully detailed plots and roleplay replies. IC and OOC he always gets a laugh out of me even when I'm down. Don't pass up an opportunity to talk or roleplay with him. You'll seriously be missing out. <3 100 out of 10 I recommend. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - xSethx

  • Static is such a talented budding artist and a great person to interact with. Seeing them grow over time has been a treat and getting to know them a touch on the RPR Discord has been a wonderful experience. They brighten the conversation with wit and area always fun to have around. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Kruhee

  • While Static is the youngest member I know on entire RPR, their age truly does not show. They're kind, caring, sweet, understanding and make a great conversational partner. I've been in a few group roleplays with them and their characters are very creative and extremely fleshed out. Static is a blast to talk to and to roleplay with. I admire the way they never seem to give up and how hard they work on improving art-wise and would definetly recommend getting to know them. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - SylOfficial

  • After helping with the fundraiser for Operation Audacious Phoenix, StaticNightmares went on to help squash 19 bugs during beta testing! Helpful - Zelphyr

  • An incredibly resilient individual who is never less than a delight to speak with. While I havent had the opportunity to write with them, I have read their work and their writing is phenomenal. Supportive, creative, artistic, all over a powerful individual to have on your side. If you don't know static yet, you're simply missing out on one of the universes best creations. - Voldarian_Empire

  • Aight. I've known Stats for at least a month now and she is one of my best friends and we have already bonded so much. I love him so much and he is always so willing to talk with you and make memories. He's helped me with so much and has done so much for me I don't know how to repay him. I hope this is enough. Love you Stats, besties forever you know <3 -Ash - lemondrxpsx

  • The fact that we have more than 10k+ messages both combined from IC and OOC shows how much time we've had each other's backs in the most needful times. Wether they were tough times, sad times, or even times where neither of us could talk to each other... We always found a way out of it, even if it seemed impossible or unreachable. But other than that, Static is one unique bean and I'll always recommend giving yourself a try to talk to them. I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I still do. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JustAPlayer

  • 500 text characters sometimes is never enough to express yourself towards someone who truly deserves them. Static, while I've been there to support them, talk in OOC, and having some fun/amazing RPs, I gotta say... I am lucky enough to had met someone as funny, intelligent, creative, and all around unique like Static. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - JustAPlayer

  • I've only known Stats a few days, and already I just want to be his best friend forever.(if I didn't use the right prono-) He is very sweet and is always willing to help out and talk with you, as well as a very funny person. Everytime I talk with him I instantly start laughing or smiling at his words. I've always wanted to be his friend but have been too scared to approach, (Anxiety my dears-) But I'm glad I did. And I hope we make a lot of funny memories together. You're my bestie, Stats. Ty<3 - lemondrxpsx