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Crash Test Dummy's Games
High Speed Vehicle

Basic Information


    I use this character to test new features and sniff out bugs. If you see something strange going on here, I'm probably doing mad science.

    Please don't report bugs that you only see on this profile.

    This should be hidden
  • B'asic Info"

    • Name: Crash Test Dummy
    • Player: Kim
    • Gender: Unknown
    • Spoiler: test test test
  • The "Static Fist"

    Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet pancetta sausage brisket jerky beef t-bone pork chop, venison bresaola tenderloin ball tip turducken cow hamburger. Shankle short ribs pork belly salami swine turkey. Sirloin tongue ball tip beef rump doner. Bresaola ball tip jerky bacon, frankfurter pork chop salami tenderloin tri-tip sausage turkey ground round shank. Jerky corned beef flank pig. Beef ribs biltong turkey jerky, bresaola boudin flank jowl rump hamburger ball tip tail.


    Well I'll tell you one thing.
    If you would leave it'd be a crying shame
    In every breath and every word I hear your name calling me out
    Well out from the barrio you hear my rhthm on your radio.
  • DnD Stats

  • Text

  • test

    HELLO test TADA
    forms: horse, rabbit, dog, goat, goblin
  • test

    • Name: Crash Test Dummy
    • Player: Kim
    • Gender: Unknown