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Please do not send me bug reports through private messages. It is very important that you use the bug report form instead. Not all bugs can be dealt with instantly, and I get dozens of PMs a day. I don't want the bug to get lost in my inbox! The bug report form will make sure it is automatically added to my to-do list and will give me frequent reminders about it.

Now that that's out of the way, hi there! :D I'm the site admin around these parts. I built and maintain pretty much everything about the RPR.

Here's an illustration of what that looks like.

When I'm not bug-fixing or programming new features for the RPR, I have a day job running a small web development company, I like to draw, and sometimes I perform belly dance.

I love "free form" roleplay of vast storylines that alter characters over long periods of time. Though the plots that unfold might be epic, I think some of the most "mundane" characters are often the most interesting when they're played well.

Even though my love of RP is what inspired me to make this place, ironically I spend so much time working on the RP Repository these days that I do a lot less RPing than I used to! That's okay, though, it's a labor of love.

Rave Reviews

Kim deserves the most kudos of all for the amount of work she puts into RPR. Not only does she go above and beyond to make all of our RPing as smooth as possible but she give her heart to us all too! Never once has a bad thing been uttered by Kim even when it probably feels like the site has just gone bonkers on her. So KUDOS to you for being a most excellent and caring person - TornBySanity
This site is absolutely adorable. Bravo to you Kim. You deserve so much respect. I love the atmosphere on this site and how everyone here is so friendly. Don't change alright. I can tell you're goofy by the way this site was made and I absolutely love it. This site is so simple and easy to use. It's so straightforward and to the point. I love that you sacrafice your time to read through everyone's questions and problems. I hope you keep up what you're doing, because it's pretty awesome ! - temptation

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