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    Long have arguments pertaining to the permitting of 'outsiders' on Dracian soil dominated the governing factions of the world. Some, in favor of such a move, saw their admission as a blessing - a relief to a realm fractured by a three year war that brought it's total population to a mere fourth of what it once was. Others, strongly against, fearing that it would merely bring an end to an already wounded planet. For surely they would simply bring their destructive tendencies, and thirst for conflict along with them.

    Yet it was among this fierce battle of voices, that one calm and unknown managed to bring silence and contemplation to the minds of the nations leaders. A proposal, that was as much a contained experiment, as it was a chance for outsiders to prove their value and worth to the world as a whole.

    The Dragonhead Isles; A primordal, ancient, and untamed landscape that had not been touched since Dracia's Genesis. A shard of a world shell that floats endlessly across the dark water seas, and isolated from the rest of the known world. This, was the perfect place to host such an endeavor. For if somehow, someway, they could not only survive here but forge a thriving community in harmony with the lands around them. Then surely the calmer, tamer world beyond it's borders would welcome them with open arms.

    After much debate and consideration, it was the Draconian Empire that was the first to agree to such a leap of faith. Having named the project the 'Alyrian Initiative', it sent the first wave of settlers, builders, and outriders to the unknown shores. Establishing a small, but stable foothold within the wilds that would serve as the towns fresh beginning. From there? It would be up to the outsiders, and dracian's interested in it's progress, to advance it further.

    It is here, that our story begins. You've boarded an airship, be it from the native lands of Dracia itself or far beyond the dimensional tears. Your reasons your own, though one thing is for certain - your future is in your hands, and entirely what you make of it. Your destination? Alyria, though you have only a vague idea of what awaits you and what to do once you arrive.

    And so it begins...



    Welcome to the Alyria Dream community! Even if you stumbled across this website from somewhere else, I'm still pleased that we sparked your interest and hope you enjoy what's contained within these pages.

    For the curious, we are an 18+ Strictly RP dream located within Furrabian Nights in Furcadia. If your interested in rping with us, feel free to make a free account with the game and come join us! If you wish to support our growth and development, then consider becoming a Patreon for special perks and rewards!

    Alyria is currently in closed beta, to have access to the dream simply sign up! Don't worry it's 100% free.


    I cannot thank you enough for your interest in Alyria, and in the greater world of Dracia to which it belongs. While this town, it's story, it's environment is but a small sliver of a far larger and complex whole. It is none the less a beginning, the first of many stories I hope to tell and share as time flows on.

    As an author, and a game developer, my dream has always been to bring the world of the ninth age to life in ways mere text on a page cannot truly do. What started it all for me also, was the Rp community of Furcadia. When I first came here I was nothing more then an AIM chatroom rper, and a novice writer who had no idea what I was doing. It was -you- who forged me into what I am now, a creator, a world builder, and a game developer. Alyria, is both a welcome hand into my universe and a thank you to the very community who was so influential to me over the last fifteen years.

    What you see, is but a small part of my lifes work and what I have toiled away at since my beginnings as an author to bring to life. It is my hope that you enjoy it as much as I do, and follow me on my journey into the games and novels that will come from me in the future. So come into the discord, ask as many questions as you desire, open discussions, and feel free to nerd out as much as you please.

    It's fans like you who keep me going, keep me working, and keep reminding me that this world is more then just a pocket realm within my brain. As a game developer also, your feedback is essential to my growth as a creator and how I will learn and improve with each new mistake, and lesson learned from it. Be patient with me, communicate with me, and together - lets make something truly awesome.

    - Lex Baugh, Founder of Ninth Age Creations