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This group has been archived by its founder. It may still be viewed, but can no longer be joined or posted to.

  • - One Character, One Person. No exceptions.
    (Now, animal companions are different. If you are Rapunzel and want to play as Pascal too, that's acceptable.)
    - No NSFW/S*xual anything
    (Kissing is okay though.)
    - Alternate Universes are only prohibited in the AU Forums
    (Please don't RP any AU characters within Canon Forums, thank you.)
    - Shipping is allowed, but shipping is NOT the main focus!
    (Also make sure that whoever your character is, that the person's character you ship them with allows it as well.)
    - Limit your cussing, this is a children's show, sort of...
    (Words like "Hell", "Damn", "Crap", "Bloody" is okay. Almost saying bad words, "Sh-", "Son of a-" is okay too.)
    - No OOC Drama, limit your IC drama.
    (Drama Llamas are not for the Kingdom of Corona. That is for Emperor's New Groove.)
    Be nice to others OOC.
    (Let's make sure this is a place for everyone to enjoy, okay?)
    (This means; Be Respectful, Ask about triggers to make sure you don't upset anyone, Check on your friends, Talk kindly.)
    (Being rude OOC will not be accepted and could cause you to lose your place in the group, no matter your role.)
    - Don't touch that
    (...That means you, Lance.)
    (~ Varian)