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{A Raccoon and a Bearcat} (SEASON 2 - EPISODE 13; AND FURTHER) (AU)
Old Corona is in chaos, Quirin's rumored to be dead, Everyone is panicking and Varian's hiding in the basement. When Hector goes to investigate, searching for Quirin, he ends up finding Varian instead and helps him out of the chaotic place and takes him under his wing.

{Forbidden Alchemy} (SEASON 1 FRIENDLY) (AU)
Varian is the Prince of Old Corona, a place where alchemy is strictly forbidden by his father, the King, Quirin. But is that going to stop Varian from delving into his mother, the Queen, Ulla's almanac and finding his true calling as an alchemist? Not at all. In-fact, that just makes him want to figure out the truth behind his mother's alchemy a lot more, even if his cowardly royal tutor, Eugene Horace Fitzherbert, "with all due respect, your highness!", insists Varian shouldn't, but won't tell Varian that he can't and is dragged along on Varian's alchemy adventures anyways.

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