• In 2066, humanity is advancing in technology faster than ever before. Now on the brink of discovering other dimensions, scientists enthusiastically participate in the search from all over the globe- until one lab experiment involving an artificial black hole goes horribly wrong.

    Stretching across the atlantique ocean, from The Niagra Falls in America to Egypt in Africa, stretches The Dark- an inky black abyss from which creatures began to emerge, wreaking havoc and causing half the population on earth to drop below 5 billion within a year, and promptly earning the name of Ravens for their bad omens and carrion, blood stenched breath.

    We, are the Crows.

    We are the ones who've survived Raven attacks.

    We are the ones who are born of pain and suffering.

    We are the scum of the earth.

    And we are its only hope.
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    Can you survive this dog-eat-dog world?