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  • General
    M16 Environment- This dream follows Furcadia's rating for M16+ Cursing is allowed, but please keep it to a minimum. Mild adult themes may also be discussed, but please do not discuss explicit material.
    No Harassment- Do not harass or belittle any members of the dream, or discuss someone outside of the continuity. Be respectful to ALL of your fellow players.
    Respect Moderators- If a mod comes to you or a group, respect their decisions. Moderators are here to ensure quality control, that everyone is remaining civil, and that the dream can remain running smoothly.
    Do not attempt to dodge the Idle filter- Our OOC is no longer set to have an idle filter on at all times. This function can be turned on by moderators if it is ever needed, so please do not dodge it if we must use it.

    Role Play
    M16 Rating - Remember that even during RP the dream has an M16+ standard. All public RP must remain this standard. If you must go above this rating all parties must consent and keep it in a locked private area.
    Modern Time Period - Continuity is of a modern time period (circa 1990's). Please stick to this. Read more about our setting here.
    All Characters MUST be Approved to Play - You must submit an application and be using an approved character. This is for quality control and to ensure everyone has a good time. All mods are capable of accepting applications, so you should not have to wait long for this process.
    Keep a link to your Character's App in your Alt's Description- This rule will not get you banned, but it does make it a lot easier on everyone to have easy access to your app! Find the code to do this here.
    Be Active! - Life is busy, we understand! If something comes up, let us know. If we have not heard word from you in one month and you have not told us something is going on, all of your characters will be marked "Inactive" and all of your canon characters will go back up for grabs. This is to keep all canons played and active. If and when you come back, just let us know and we'll get you up and running again (with exception to canons if your slot has been filled by someone else during your absence).
    Keep OOC Chatter to a Minimum - During play OOC chatter in brackets/parentheses or otherwise marked as OOC IS permitted, but please keep it to a minimum, especially during large events. Keeping this chatter to whispers is perfectly fine.
    Type in Proper Sentences - We all have different styles of play and there is no limit on how short or long your posts need to be. However, use proper grammar and punctuation as well as you can. The easier it is for your partners to read, the more likely they will want to play with you again.
    No Godmodding - You may not take control of another person's character without their permission. You may not auto-hit, touch, or otherwise interact with another player without their consent. You may not have a character that is all-powerful or play them to be so. You may not have a character that is all-knowing and already knows everything about other characters. (high-level telepaths may be able to know some things, but these characters are under the highest scrutiny during the application process. NO psychic will start out at a high-level, unless you are Charles Xavier.)
    No Relationship Declarations Without Consent - This is mostly for canon characters but follows for everyone. You may not bring in a new character and say they are in a love relationship with another character, whether they are already played or not, without getting consent from the player of the character. We look more fondly upon canon relationships (ex, Scott Summers X Jean Grey) and would like to implore players to stick to these. However, if both parties are consenting, deviations are permitted.
    Follow Group Consensus - At times certain group RPs will implement extra rules not stated here (for dice-roll, battles, etc). Please do not complain. If you can not follow the group's wishes, then wait for a different RP.

    Character Limitations
    These rules have their own thread- Please review them before you submit an application.

    If you feel someone is not following these rules, please do NOT micro-mod. Contact a moderator privately about the issue.
    Failure to follow any of these rules may result in higher action for multiple instances.

    (Please note that rules are subject to change if problems occur. All users will be notified of these changes.)