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    Be helpful to those that wish to role play. Invite people in.. Etc.

    If you have an amazing awesome rp idea,ASK a moderator before you do anything.

    No god-modding /controlling another person's character/ making yours flawless.

    Be kind and show proper respect to all members and visitors

    Don't be purposely rude or offensive to any person or group.

    If you've drawn another's character and posted, and the owner asks you to remove it then you must do so.

    Be kind and helpful to your partner. Keep in touch with them.

    Listen to the groups moderators.

    You can only have ONE character in the club, unless a special condition is specified. Twins have to be played by another character in the group, not yourself.

    Your character can not be more powerful than any other character in your species/element. They can be weaker than normal is desired.

    Demons must have both a human, half-demon and a demon form illustrated. (or described in GREAT DETAIL.)

    The size of the demon form can be as small as a cat or small snake, and no bigger than an elephant.

    No pets unless you earn it with merits.

    You may NOT leave school grounds unless granted permission. There are guards outside the school at all times (that are all demons--familiars--any element.)

    You must be in uniform at all times except; formal events, personal time, or bed time.

    You must room with your gender--species-element. No whining about this rule.

    No alcohol or drugs.

    -Keep intimate actions to hugs and chaste kisses. ANYTHING more will result in 10 merits lost.

    Listen to your higher officers. (this means people higher than you're year in school.)

    No smoking.

    Respect school property.

    When sparing or play fighting, don't take it too far.. People shouldn't end up in the infirmary the next morning after sparring or play fighting.

    The labs are locked until science class starts, other than that, it's off limits!

    No felonies on your criminal record at ALL.

    this character HAS TO BE OLDER than 21!

    You are allowed to teach two grades at a time, but on different periods.

    Demons must wear the demon uniform, humans the human uniform, and teachers must wear the uniforms of their species(human, demon,)

    you are allowed to have any sort of accessory,(Leggings, tights, bows, headbands, jewelry, gloves...)

    Demons are forced to have glyphs. The glyphs are given to them at the orientation and are made so they are seen at ALL TIMES.

    you are allowed to wear any jacket over the uniform. You are also allowed to have a tank top or anything else under it. (bindings shirt, boxers, etc.)

    Demons are NOT forced to wear the black gloves.However if the demon has a glyph that is visible elsewhere, they ARE forced to wear the gloves. HUMANS ARE! (they don't have glyphs)