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  • WIP

    Draegeria is a high fantasy roleplay dream set to open up in the Imaginarium section of Furcadia.

    Release date TBD!
  • werewolves, vampires, demons, elves, fae, magic, medieval, fantasy, war, feud, island, kingdoms
  • About

    Draegeria is a mysterious island lost far at sea - It is elusive and inaccessible from any outside means. Some say it is shielded by a veil of magic. Others say the surrounding waters are treacherous and impassible.

    Because of this, Draegeria could very well exist in nearly any applicable continuity, you just need to know how to get in. This opens up opportunity for nearly any type of character to be played.

    The original bloodlines of three races have existed on the island for centuries. They are the three ruling races, born from The Ancients. They remain the dominant monarchs of Draegeria.