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    A custom species of large cats, primarily identified by the large,
    crystalline structures that grow from their bodies, and the bioluminescence
    they possess.

    18+ group that takes place in Furcadia and TGT based lore.


  • W E L C O M E
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    The Eternians are a collection of various large feline races, all coming together in one collective tribe of similarity. Although they can differ vastly in appearance, all Eternians share a connection to the mother stone that protects and shields them in the hidden reaches of a forgotten jungle deep within Kasuria

    Primarily, these felines have been forgotten by time, until the recent centuries brought exploration into their jungle. Those outside of the race know very little of the Eternians outside their beautiful pelts and exotic crystals. This has painted a target on the backs of the primarily peaceful race, and many have been hunted since their discovery.

    Recently, wealthy prospectors into the jungle have sought the Eternians to add to collections as exotic centerpieces. This has caused a slight shift in the numbers hunted, instead causing the Eternians to fall into servitude. While this fate remains true for only a small percentage of the felines, many of their clans have begun to realize they can no longer sit idly by and hide from the world. Therefore, for the first time in their history the Eternians have begun to venture outside of their jungle paradise, and into the outside world.

    Currently: Closed - Open for Customs

    The Eternians are a closed, pay to play species.

    While this certainly may not sound very fun, do not fret! This cost is simply an assurance on the activity and dedication of the player, and comes with a free reference done in terms of customs.
    When purchasing an adoptable, there is nothing else required other than the adoptable price!

    If you are interested in an Eternian, please take a moment to read over the rest of the site, then message the RPR group, or founder, in any of the methods of contact listed below. Custom prices are found below.

    Custom prices
    Common Eternians: $10 - 10/10
    Uncommon Eternians: $20 - 3/5
    Rare Eternians: $40 - Currently unavailable
    Mutations can be added to every level Eternian at a cost of $5 per level of mutation. (ie: simple mutations - such as exotic crystals or pelt patterns - will cost $5, but rarer mutations - such as unihorns - will cost $10+)

    Adoptables and Rehomes

    Adoptables currently available:

    None yet! Keep checking back, or check the announcements!

    ֎ ֎ ֎ ֎ ֎ ֎

    We understand that sometimes things don't work out, and as such as here to help you rehome your Eternian if need be.
    If you wish to rehome your Eternian yourself, that's fine! Just send the group RPR a message, and we will gladly put your Eternian here for added advertisement.

    Eternians available for rehoming:

    Leopard Female
    Mutations: Mauve fur, long tail, fluffy fur

    Sabre Female
    Mutations: Long tail, paint markings

    Mood Boards
    Mood boards are premade adopts with more wiggle room than traditional adopts. The board gives you a general idea of how the adopt will look, but there is room for customization in the adoption process.

    Gray King
    $20 - Common

    Founder: SavannahSage
    Contact me -
    RPR | Discord: SavannahSage#7603

    Dividers, flare images, etc, found on DeviantArt as free to use resources