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  • Hungry?

    So are we! We're the RPRians who love to cook and we love sharing our recipes even more! Whether you're new to cooking or are a master chef, we welcome everyone to sit down and nom with us. :)

    There are a few rules to keep everyone happy and content!
    1. There is no right or wrong. If a method works for a person, or they have a certain preference for or dislike a food, it's not nice to belittle or 'correct' them. This doesn't apply to people who ask for tips or different techniques, of course! Remember, most of us are just amateur cooks, not professionals, and taste is highly individual.
    2. Please avoid posting copyright recipes straight out of books. Instead, recommend the book, or link to the website it's on!
    3. When posting recipes, it's best to first list the tools (such as an oven or a stove top), then all ingredients, then the steps on how to make it. This way it's the easiest for everyone to use your recipe! If you're ever unsure, feel free to look at how others format it.
    4. This group has the same rules as the public areas of RPR. Please no excessive swearing or use of f-bombs or c-words and such. :) Thanks!
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    A Christmas Special?

    Posted By PANGAEA on Nov 17th 2016

    Maybe it's a tad too early to be bringing up Christmas, but I'm surrounded in red and green and I figured this group needed an event of some sort.

    Would you all be interested in making a Christmas themed dish (or beverage)?

    Of course, no one is obligated to participate. We can make this a contest...