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About Me
Hi, My name is Dawn, and I am pushing through the latter years of my third decade on this spinning ball of water and dirt. I work as a nurse practitioner in a rather large ER department so needless to say things have been really insane the last couple years.
My Roleplaying Journey
As part of my ‘mental-health care plan’, I have returned to roleplaying and writing which was a hobby I had as a pre-teen and teenager. It was during a talk with my psychologist early this year that reminded me of the joys I had and felt back when I was active in the hobby, and she suggested I should try and get back into it as a possible coping mechanism.

So I picked up a notepad at home and wrote out a fictional short in about two hours, and I could feel the creativity inside me just wanting to burst out! It took my mind off the relentless day-in/day out of this present day reality, and reminded me of what I had given up when I got too busy with studies in college.

This eventually set me out on a web-journey to find an active writing/roleplaying community to take part in where I could escape this world in my off-time through writing and roleplay of lives of created characters in a slightly altered modern world.

I checked out an old site I knew from before and it was dead, so I went on a wander through the sites on a ‘Top RP Site’ list. Many were too specific of a niche or seemed to rate high but there was very little activity on them. It was from here that I visited a site called ‘Roleplay Rebellion’ where I first saw mention of RP Repository in a thread about where people came from. A few days later, I was browsing a colorful site called ‘Creative Freedom’ when I saw the mention of RP Repository again. So I ventured here and really liked what I saw! After a rocky first week, I have settled in and think this will be my RP home for some time to come!
My Roleplaying Rules
It's my hope that having this somewhat extensive rulebook posted her that it will reduce the amount of OOC back and forth needed to ask and answer questions before starting roleplays. These are the rules that I play by, and ask the same of my writing partners.
  • All RP writing partners must be 18+ years old. This is a solid rule.
  • OOC Story Planning: - Before starting a roleplay, I like to discuss and plot out a vague guideline with my writing partner to start with. It isn't 'cast in stone' but serves more as a roadmap to where things may go. If the flow of the RP and the writers mesh well, then things can possibly diverge or take side loops if it adds to and/or makes a better story. I just ask that my writing partner contributes creative input along the way and don't leave all the work to me with strictly 'reactionary' replies. I'll likely just stop roleplaying with you if I'm the only one driving the plot. It really kills all my motivation and makes me less inclined to respond if replies are only addressing the points my replies make. If I see this happening, I will mention it OOC once.
  • OOC is OOC. IC is IC. Let's do our best to avoid conflict and misunderstanding. I have a solid boundary between reality and roleplay and I keep separate our IC Story Roleplay from OOC Chat with separate threads so there can be no mistaking. This separation includes using endearing platitudes (beautiful, gorgeous, hottie, honey, baby, etc.).it’s ok IC in an RP story, but absolutely not in OOC conversation.
  • Writing Style: - I write in 3rd-person with a past-tense lean. I may write present-tense if the scene calls for it, and I will sometimes add internal thoughts for my characters. I have trouble with 1st person and the whole 'You/I' references. I prefer 'Name/preferred pronoun' references based on the character gender preference.
  • English only. Grammar doesn't have to be perfect, but at least make it 90% to 100% understandable, please. We all make typos and have autocorrect throw a word we don’t see into the mix.
  • No one-liners or one-word replieѕ. Please, at least give me something to work with. I prefer at the bare minimum one paragraph or more with roughly o less than 100 words. If my previous reply does not give you enough to respond to pleaselet me know.
  • No godmodding, metagaming, or assuming you know what’s best for my character. It really ruins the RP. Should an rp continue for a long time and we as writers get familiar with each other’s style, I sometimes will give permission for minor limited control of my character’s actions in my co-writer’s posts.
  • Not all RPs work out. I try my best to make a roleplay work after starting, and that includes attempts at tweaking things. But sometimes they just don’t work out. Writing styles are too different, characters don’t mesh, etc. It is better for both writers if a struggling rp ends sooner rather than later. I ask that should this ever be the case, I hope things are amicable. This is a two-way street.
  • When it comes to romance and intimacy, sensual scenes are allowed, but only as a part of the roleplay story. When a story progress into character intimacy, my preference is to ‘fade the moment to gray’. This means it can be detailed going into the start of any sexual acts, but there is no need to go into graphic details of the acts themselves on a long series of posts. I tend to get progressively more vague and summarize it up to the climax.
  • Comfort - If you have any comments, violent reactions, thoughts that are making you feel uncomfortable or any suggestions about the roleplay, pleaѕe don't be shy to tell me. Don't stay quiet if there's something bothering you. The happiness and comfort of RP partners truly matter .
  • Patience - Please be patient and considerate when it comes to slow reѕponѕeѕ. It's either because I'm working, have no time to be online, or am in the wrong headspace to write a quality reply. I'll make sure to inform you if I'll be gone for more than a week so please I ask for you to do the same. Let's not ghost each other.
  • Respect: - I'm a human behind the screen and I have a life outside of this website. I come here and participate in co-writing with others as an escape from my daily life. I like OOC chat and discussion, but if you start bothering me to post, get rude, get demanding, make misogynistic comments, gaslight, or otherwise treat me like anything less than an equal, then I'm going to stop talking and roleplaying with you and you will be blocked. Once a roleplay starts, my replies will be somewhat erratic. It is likely they aren't going to be immediate, but there may be times when they are, so please don't harass me for a response.
  • Endearing Platitudes: - I mentioned this already but it’s worth saying again. Please don't refer to me as 'beautiful', 'cutie', 'hun', 'precious', etc. in OOC conversation. It is not appreciated as I have to deal with this stuff daily at work. It also, to me, comes across as blurring of the IC/OOC lines. These terms can be used in roleplay between characters within the context of the stories.
  • Genre Preferences: - My genre preference is limited to Modern (some refer to it as 'Slice of Life) and my character preference are for men/women with human face-credits. I like writing characters in different settings as a sort of 'alt-life' sans the current pandemic. I have nothing against futuristic/supernatural/fantasy roleplaying. It just doesn't inspire my interest. I will write modern-historical setting going back through the 20th Century as I find it fascinating and a challenge to get my headspace into what it would have been like in the time period.
RP Repository’s Questionnaire
What is your favorite kind of RP?
I like modern romance I guess. Probably because my life has no time for actual romance? I tend to be a niche player, not wanting to have magical, anime, or supernatural elements in my modern and recent history roleplays. I have nothing against all that, but I don’t het inspiration from it. I’m more of an ‘alternate-life’ roleplayer. :D

What do you hope to find here?
I hoped to have fun and meet new people and find like-minded writers that don’t mind my niche to write with that also doesn’t mind my erratic schedule.

How long have you been RPing?
I started 15 years ago making characters and writing stories, and a couple years later with others on a chat group.

Do you have any pets?
Sort of. A semi-feral silver shorthair tabby tomcat has adopted me and thinks I’m cool. He will only come into the house when I’m home alone. I think he’s cool and I call him Coolcat. He didn’t think I was cool when I took him to the vet to get desexed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

What's your favorite subject in school?
Science and medicine. I love it! Had dreams of becoming a doctor but I sort of burned out on the schooling. I may go back to it, or I may not. My motivation level is quite low these days.

What do you do for a living?
I’m an ER nurse practitioner

What are your hopes and dreams?
To be able to travel again?

Do you have any questions about the site?
Tons probably, but my mind can’t put them together right now. I’m kind of like the small town girl walking through the big city for the first time. Just kind of wandering around and clicking on links and stuff. This place is amazing!

I would like to thank Arekkusu for posting their wonderful collection of links to my, and others’, introduction threads! I know he copy/pastes it and gets tokens for introduction greetings, but it was a wealth of information to have. It was kind of like being a new arrival being given a map of the city by a stranger.

Feel free to ask me questions and I will try and answer them. Bye for now! *waves*
A Modern Slice-of Life Group

There is a group for those of us who like roleplaying as regular human people in a modern Earth setting called This Modern World! To join, read the rules and acknowledge them!

Rave Reviews

I have had the chance to speak and get to know Dawnia through the forums OOC threads and in the group we are a part of in Paper Roses. She is a kind, thoughtful and talented writer that has put a lot of time and depth into her characters Nina and Daniel Phelps. Though she is still new to RPR she has made an impressive mark! Hit her up for RP or a chat and discover a very talented writer and sweet person! :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Falyn
We wrote together a bit during 2021's Trick-or-Treat event, and I'd just like to say that Dawn here portrays her characters very well, showing their unique personalities with well-written prose. They were certainly fun interactions, so I would recommend her as an RP partner for sure. - Anonymous

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