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    Hello, we're a chill little group for serious and casual tea drinkers both.

    What's 'serious' tea-drinking? Those who actively want to develop their palate, learn about tea, and expand their collection. Those who enjoy learning about tea culture, history and processing.
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    This community is primarily created for tea-drinkers, people who appreciate camellia sinensis in all its forms. However we're absolutely open to herbal/tisane drinkers, and of course coffee drinkers.
  • Kakuzo Okakura wrote:
    There is a subtle charm in the taste of tea which makes it irresistible and capable of idealisation. Western humourists were not slow to mingle the fragrance of their thought with its aroma. It has not the arrogance of wine, the self-consciousness of coffee, nor the simpering innocence of cocoa.