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  • There are barely any rules but here is the classes and the oath.

    Ranks, (Lowest to Highest)
    2nd.- Ambassador
    3rd.- Vizier
    4th.- Consul
    5th.- Archmage
    6th.- Suffition
    7th.- Showgut
    8th.- Showgun
    9th.- Royal Benkman
    10th.- Exarch
    11th.- Jusicar
    12th.- Nyeophite
    13th.- Nikyoslite
    14th.- Overlord
    15th.- Dragonlord

    To Rank up you must do things to make you worthy, ask me and I'll tell you. I am a dragon lord, first one to join is a overlord.

    I swear on my life,
    I will never betray.
    I will take and follow orders,
    And never give any secrets away.
    If I do, I shall be shot
    And I shall dedicate my life to this gang.
    I (your name) agree to this,
    And will forever be a part of this.
    Never will I backfire on my gang,
    Or I shall be killed.
    With this being said,
    I (your name) is now a new member of the Risen Demons.

    Along with this, I must know your IQ too, so PM me and tell me.

    If you have any questions or concerns about this gang, PM me or just comment.