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    Welcome (Your Name) To UA Academy!
    I'm here to inform you that you've successfully passed your entrance exam!
    You and 7 Others out of 700 People have been chosen to enroll in Class 1B at this prestigious school!

    Principal Nezu and Staff

    Well, now that we've got that out of the way, Its time to introduce you to the lore of this Roleplay. Its a 100% open roleplay, anyone can join as either a villain, student or even a pro hero! If you choose to be a villain, you can lead your own path along the road of villainy! If you're a student, then welcome to UA Academy!
    This Roleplay Is called Shrouded darkness. Before we start Roleplaying, and depending on how many people end up joining this, I may add variations to the original plot and roles to better suit the RP. This takes place at the same time as Izuku and the rest of class 1A are moving on to their second year (The All For One fight already over) , however instead of them being the main class this time, You are! Class 2B is a smaller class, but filled with the upmost individuals! Instead of it focusing on Deku and the rest of the gang, This takes place after the battle of All for One, and a new villain, Torch, Is introduced! (However they are a year above you, and you are one years)
    To keep things as mysterious as possible, you'll be figuring out about Torch along the Roleplay! And my character (Sakumi) Will be popping up to throw things off and leave you on the edge of your seat. Sakumi Isn't a student, but a total mystery to all of you young Heroes!
    Nonetheless, this is basically going to be a choose your own adventure story with me as the narrator.

    I have a few simple rules (Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but i'll explain them anyway.
    1. No OP quirks. (For example, a quirk that kills people too easily, or has way too many details and aspects to it.)
    2. Grammar grammar grammar! I expect each response to this RP to be at least 2 paragraphs, And try to be creative with your wording!
    3. No killing characters unless you have permission from the owner, or they choose to die on their own.
    4. No godding. If someone attacks you, then you have to show at least a bit of weakness. I hate when people go on and on or keep saying things like "Dodges". Because yes, you can dodge, but even in the show they take at least a few hits. You also have to make sure you keep things fair and reasonable. (Example 1: No randomly attacking people. Example 2: If you have a fire-type quirk, then you'd obviously be weak against water-type quirks.)
    5. The rules and lore/characters are subject to change any time! So please attempt to be flexible!

    Now for the final speech. To start off this BNHA Roleplay please DM me with a link to the character you'll be playing as, and the reason you want to join. You can also add anything else you want to know or questions you may have.

    I look forward to having you, Dear friends!
    -Sakura (TheCreatureOfTheDark)