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    Dear Y/N,

    Welcome to the Royal Academy of Diavolo, Human!
    You have been chosen as one of the 2 Human exchange students to travel to the devildom and take part in a special exchange program we started.
    Don’t be scared though, You will be staying in the house of Lamentation! Along with the 7 Demon brothers who will help you in your time of need!
    RAD Uniform
    The standard RAD uniform is worn by students attending the Royal Academy of Diavolo.

    The uniform is an off-black, double-breasted, military-style jacket with a belt, the right side has a half shoulder cape with a badge of the RAD initials, and a red cloak on the left side. The sleeves are long with a quilted pattern and small gold teardrop beads in the intersections, and a solid black band around the wrists. The pants are an off-black with a vertical red stripe. The dress shirts are a teal color.

    The dress code seems to be lax for most of the students are allowed to wear accessories and make modifications to the uniform, such as wearing any tie they wish (or choose not to), and having a tailored jacket. The students and are also not penalised for wearing the uniform improperly, such as: not buttoning their buttons, not having their belt buckled the correct way, not wearing the dress shirt, and not having their cape tucked in.

    The exchange students from the Celestial Realm, Simeon and Luke, do not wear the RAD uniform.

    Diavolo's uniform is differently colored for it is red instead of black, the badge ribbon is blue rather than red, the cape is black instead of red, and his dress shirt is black instead of teal.

    Because of the lack of female characters in the game, a uniform for female students hasn't been shown.

    The Royal Academy of Diavolo (commonly known as RAD) is a school for demons in the Devildom.

    Diavolo says that the purpose of the school is that the population of the Devildom is given an adequate education in order to have a healthy and well-ordered society. Some of the classes taught there include seductive speechcraft, curses and hexes, magical potions, and from the Devilgram story The Mammon Way, mathematics.
    Annual Events
    RAD Spirit Week
    A week-long event in which the whole school participates in. The purpose of the event is to unify the students for a common purpose. According to Satan, the only thing they do is to dress up based on the theme of the day.

    Monster Fair
    An event organized by the Student Council. The event is similar to an Animal Show, where people can show off their monsters. The event awards the participant with the best monster, which makes many students want to participate.

    The event is currently suspended for a Foreseeable future. This was decided by the Student Council, because the last time the event occurred, Leviathan brought a Seven-Headed Sea Monster, named Lotan. He wanted to participate with Lotan, but before the event started, Leviathan had to release Lotan back into the sea since Lucifer didn't allow Leviathan to keep Lotan in House of Lamentation. Once Lotan was released, it created great havoc and wreaking devastation in the Human World. So to prevent this from happening again the Student Council decided to suspend the event.

    Bloody Moon Competition
    A celebration kept on the night of a bloody moon. The entire student body would decide who the most honored and respected demons are. But recently it's turnt into a popularity contest, where everyone votes on who they like best.

    Every year Diavolo and Lucifer take the first and second place.
    According to the Devilgram Story The Glory Days, RAD has existed even when Lucifer and his brothers were still angels.

    All students are automatically given a DDD (A device similar to the human "Phone.)

    Lord Diavolo is the prince of the entire Devildom. Heir to the throne and the future ruler of the devildom.