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    1) Character Name: Alessi
    Status: Villain
    Special Ability: God Sethan ;Named after the good of chaos, Alessi can manipulate his shadow and reverse a person or object's age if
    they come into contact with said shadow.

    2) The Riff-Raff siblings!

    i. Name: Millie Evans
    Age: 24
    Status: Villain
    Special Abilities: God Khnum; Millie can adjust any part of her body or another creature's body to mimic people or animals. This effect
    does not work with clothes.
    Water of Khnum ; Millie can fire compressed bullets of any fluid she chooses, about as small as a pin and about 10 times more deadly
    than a powerwasher.

    ii) Name: Moxie Evans
    Age: 11
    Special Abilities: God Thoth ; Moxie owns a comic book that can predict the future through book panels. These predictions are bound
    by fate and are bound to happen one way or another.
    Rewrite ; Moxie can turn any person's body part into a "book" and read information about them. He can insert commands which the
    victim are inexplicably forced to follow.

    Status: Villain
    Is the hall monitor
    Special Power:super strength when needed. Can sense when someone is nearby

    4) Name: Joshu Higashikata
    Status:Joshu is a spy hired by The
    Boss for assassination missions.
    Special Abilities: Remote
    Detonation: Joshu can turn both
    objects and people into remotely
    detonated bombs. He has a limit
    of 2 bombs at a time, one for each
    of his hands. Once a target is
    detonated they are completely
    vaporized, leaving no remains left.
    If Joshu chooses to bring a piece of
    the body back, the entire body
    except that one specific body part
    or organ is exploded. In order to
    detonate a bomb, Joshu must
    make a detonating motion with
    his hand by pressing his thumb
    Aerokinesis Joshu has relatively
    strong control over air. His main
    tactic is making nearly invisible,
    slow-moving bubbles of air. These
    bubbles can cause serious
    damage, being able to severely
    wound or even kill a person at
    point-blank range. These bubbles
    can also be used as bombs.

    Name: Dexter Machine
    Hero or Villian: Villian...?
    Special Ability: When damaged, he does more damage. Coin compartment can turn into mouth. Also can come out of the arcade machine, but has to have one body part in the machine.
    Student or Teacher: Piece of entertainment


    Name): Vinegar Doppio
    (Hero or Villain): Underling and host for Diavolo, The Boss. Not technically evil, but usually follows the orders of Diavolo.
    (Occupation): Student & Crime Boss
    (Special Abilities): Epitaph: Epitaph is a small growth on Doppio's forehead. This growth gives the man a small glimpse into the future, only what will happen t Doppio in the next ten seconds. These predictions give a relative mimic of what most likely will happen.
    Arms of Crimson: Gifted from Diavolo, Doppio gains spectral arms that can deliver mighty blows to an opponent, to the point of chopping off a limb in one swift movement.

    (Name): Diavolo
    (Hero or Villian): Villain.
    (Occupation): Crime boss.
    (Special Abilities): Absolute Epitaph. In the complete version of Epitaph, Diavolo can see into an indefinite amount of time and into any person or people who so desires.
    Inhuman Strength. Diavolo's pure body strength is unmatched by the most powerful spellcasters and heroes. His greatest feat of strength is flicking somebody with such a force that their femur was completely destroyed.
    Time Erasure. Better explanation here.