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  • S E T T I N G

    Inter-world relationships' Headquarters exists above a large capital city, floating. It is colloquially called 'The Air' by most members of the Alliance because of its floating nature, architectural openness and neutral political grounds. On the other hand, critics use the name as a jab- members of IWR are all talk, no action and only provide 'air' to other worlds.

    The entire HQ is open air itself. Many roofs are skylights. If it rains, then, man I hope you brought an umbrella. In certain areas, the floor is completely made out of glass.
    There is an open courtyard in the middle of the main building, where the flying fish are penned. There is an open pool in the middle were non-flying fish are kept. The courtyard is stocked with greenery (trimmed and kept neat by the fishes) and the fish are kept inside using a magic field. There is a training floor, below the main building.

    The headquarters is not made to look like an office building but more like a large Italian villa. There are no cubical, just many many furnished rooms and lounges. Bookshelves line the walls of the rooms for reference, all history and information about other worlds.

    Because IWR's mission is a diplomatic one, the HQ is made for more of a meeting place where one can discuss politics or make connections. The building is kept spotless for presentation-sake and the food is available to order at the ring of a bell.

    Housing is available to diplomats visiting the HQ.

    About Members:

    All members undergo an interview process before being accepted into the organization.

    A portion of the IWR is made out of those who claim no worlds and state the Alliance as their home. These are frequently 'orphans' whom world has been destroyed or made inhabitable. Some are refugees from a war-torn planet far away. Some just denounce their homeworld for one reason or another.

    For the sake of political neutrality, all members of IWR are made to denounce their previous homeworld and become a citizen of the alliance.

    Inner-World Relationships advise all operatives to use only peaceful methods during negotiations, but they also understand that it is not always possible. The division expects their members, however, to take responsibility for any action they cause.

    About Weapons:

    Members of the IWR are allowed to carry weapons. In fact, you are expected to be proficient in at least one form of self-defense. We understand that not every world is friendly. The IWR recommends concealed weapons only because bringing a buster sword into peaceful negotiations might send the wrong message.
  • F L Y I N G F I S H

    A trademark and an oddity of the IRW is that the HQ is a housing for "exotic" flying fishes. These fish can be used as mounts to get to and from the HQ or just as pet companions.

    Fishes are content with eating grass or floating pellets. However, members should be careful to not overfeed fishes, even if they beg for food. They grow indefinitely which can be a problem when one is trying to keep their size small.
    Flying fishes ride air currents using wind and gravity magic that is innate in all flying fishes. In completely dead air, small, weaker fishes might have trouble flying and will flop down in the ground like...well, like a fish out of water.

    Members are advised not to fly above 5.5km or 3.4 miles above ground level. Your fish can survive higher attitudes but you probably can’t. The IWR recognizes that every species are different, but these are safety guidelines. The IWR will not take any responsibility if you die of asphyxiation because you were an idiot that didn’t abide to the safety protocols.

    About Lures:
    A 'lure' can be worn for dedicated riders. Lures are large garments that separate your silhouette from others in a crowd so that your fish can recognize you from a distance. Trained fishes will learn to recognize their masters in this way. Lures are traditionally large colorful ribbons that bellow in the wind, worn on either chest or shoulder. However, they can be other things, such as a scarf or very large hat, anything that can be seen from afar.
  • A S T R A L

    About The Astral Key:
    An Astral Key is crafted from solid, condensed Astral. It does not always take the form of a key but is usually the same size as one. Solid Astral itself is rare, those larger than a key are even rarer and difficult to create or find.
    With these keys, one can use it to travel to other worlds by twisting and manipulating the Astral in the air. As long as there is an established link to the other world, this key can be used to reach it.