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    The Astral Alliance is a cross-dimensional organization formed by the members of 100s of worlds linked together by a 'magical' substance known as Astral. Those who discover Astral find that they can use it in many ways, one of which includes opening portals to other worlds.

    Inter-World Relationships (IWR) is a peacekeeping, diplomatic operation and one of the many organizations in the Astral Alliance. Their members act as mediators to disagreeing worlds, preventing wars and miscommunication and easing possible tensions.
    In addition to peacekeeping, IWR also is given the task of introducing new worlds into the alliance and offer them help, if they chose to accept it.

    Inter-world relationships' Headquarters exists above a large capital city, floating. It is colloquially called 'The Air' by most members of the Alliance because of its floating nature, architectural openness and neutral political grounds. However, its true origins come from critics who use the name as a jab- criticizing that members of IWR are all talk, no action and only provide 'air' to other worlds.

    UPDATED 06•30•18
    OK SO THIS IS JUST GONNA BE A HUGE INFO DUMP FOR A BIT while I actually figure out my shit. uvu uvu Please ignore for now unless you're curious I guess. uvu All drawings and illustrations related to the group are my own, mintyfreshmangos, unless otherwise stated.