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Kazehiki is sitting down beside the small first-aid booth building, back against the wall, sniffling with a cold as he played with the cross around his neck.
Veliai passed with his five guards before he stopped. He tapped a guard and spoke in sign language to the guard and the guard went to him "child, His Majesty Prince Veliai would like to inquire what is the trouble?"
Kazehiki peered up at the guard and the prince, sniffling. Then with his soft, raspy voice, he murmured; "I have a cold..."
Veliai looked around and spoke to the same guard and the guard went to the attendant and spoke sternly, but not aggressively, to the attendant who quickly came out to tend to Kazehiki. The guard watched and waited with Kazehiki as did Veliai. Veliai would remove his hat which had a turtle on it in order to remain respectful to Kazehiki. The guard spoke up "His Majesty requests that he stay by your side until you are taken care of, young child"
Kazehiki sniffled once more and looked at the hat, then at Veliai. "Mm..okay." He yawned, and rubbed his snotty nose with his sleeve.
He seemed interested in the hat.
Veliai removed a handkerchief from his pocket with the Rilynath Family insignia on it and gave it to the boy. He would then notice the boy looking at his hat, so he simply put the hat on the little boy's head.
The hat did not get placed on his head, but rather the halo over his head, since it was in the way. But he was wearing the hat good enough.
He took the handkerchief gently and sniffled, proceeding to blow his nose into it. "Thank you..." He yawned again.
Veliai sat next to the boy and ran his fingers through his hair and he relaxed.

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