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Setting Lore

  • The year is 21XX. Mankind's greatest accomplishment is installing a matryoshka brain supercomputer powered by the sun, named CIRCE. People followed its teachings, but never understood the origin of the mysterious dimensional rifts, especially to only one place; The Line Between, a floating island that is a gate to the Dream Realm, where reality and CIRCE's simulations blend seamlessly.

    The discovery of The Line Between and the existence of the Dream Realm's creatures left the world into a war - the Celestial Divide - until the founding of the Lunar Empire, lead by CIRCE. The Lunar Empire is established with the aid of the Astrans from Netherspace - the outer worlds of the Dream Realm - and the Priests' Guild. Such has been the way of life for the past hundred Earth years.

    Are they antagonistic? Can the rifts be sealed? Does CIRCE even know where they came from? Most importantly, for how long and how much will Dreamers involve themselves in the realm of Earth?
  • Dream Realm Setting Notes

      Five elements govern every species and the state of magic, known as Arts; water, wind, earth, darkness, and light. A species is usually aligned to one element and one element alone, although a mixed-species individual can be aligned to two elements at most. Usually, in this case, one element is dominant over the other.

      Time doesn't flow in a linear direction in the Dream Realm. A clock or an hourglass brought to the Dream Realm would simply freeze. Time is measured by 'sleep cycles,' which can either be short or long, usually not the same length after one another. Two-hundred sleep cycles, the most common lifespan of sun gnomes, is considered to be rather short.

      Species have 'usual' lifespans, but they can live longer or shorter than the norm for their species, given the abstract sense of time the Dream Realm goes by.

      Directions don't function as they do on Earth either. Places are 'near to' or 'far from' one another, but never 'north, south, east, or west' of something. A compass brought to the Dream Realm would simply spin out of control.