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Organizations Lore

  • Human Organizations

    The Lunar Empire
    Leader(s): CIRCE
    Races: Humans, a few Dreamers
    Goal: Unite all organic sentients under a single machine-led banner
    Summary: A recent governing body that has nonetheless found allegiance with major powers of the world. Based on the Earth's moon, it grows under the leadership of CIRCE, of which has grown sapient. Instead of leading with an iron fist, CIRCE is a gentle, motherly presence, which easily convinces organics to do its bidding.

    So far, the Empire doesn't seem to desire much beyond assimilation, especially given the lack of force or coercion in doing so. It started off with a group of scientists working around CIRCE with the goal of finding the source of these rifts. However, CIRCE's benevolence is called into question with the presence of the loose beasts of the Dream Realm. Whether CIRCE summoned these rifts is vehemently denied by it and its followers, but is it just a ruse?

    The Exorcists' Guild
    Leader(s): Multiple human and Dreamer Guildmasters in the past; currently a human Guildmaster known as Tang, who hails from China
    Races: Mostly humans, Dreamers, a few good-aligned ghosts
    Goal: Exorcise Earth of Dreamer beasts and ghosts
    Summary: With powers gifted from astronomical magics originating in the Dream Realm, designated members of the Exorcists' Guild lead the hunt on Dreamer beasts, especially ghosts. Different celestial powers may have different responsibilities; for example, those under the squadron of Mars specialize in extermination, where those under the Moon focus on possession.

    Recently, they've had an ironically rocky relationship with the Lunar Empire. The Guild has a whole has decided to situate themselves at The Line Between, where the largest permanent rift exists. There, they have a fully staffed guild hall that also serves as residential quarters for the members.

    The Priests' Guild
    Leader(s): Lead by the Chapter of Six and their head. Multiple human leaders in the past; currently head is a human known as Hierophant Benedetta, who hails from Italy
    Races: Humans, a few shapeshifters
    Goal: To establish non-magical spirituality while combatting ghosts, to support the Lunar Empire
    Summary: A sister of the Exorcists' Guild, the Priests' Guild unites the spiritual and the ordained worldwide to join under one endeavor; to rid the world of monsters. Originally literal, this has taken a turn for the figurative sense, with some members becoming vigilantes. The Priests' Guild, however, prefers to keep to itself. Its guild hall was previously located in Switzerland due to its political neutrality, but moved to Greenland after aligning itself with the Lunar Empire.

    In recent years, the current leader has established favorable connections to the Lunar Empire to pursue humanitarian efforts. Hierophant Benedetta is known to be kind-hearted, but came to her position at a young age. The rest of the Chapter of Six is known to underestimate her and even override her position, leading her to having no real power.

    The Mages' Guild
    Leader(s): Multiple human leaders in the past; lead currently by Archmage Mlungisi, who hails from South Africa
    Races: Humans
    Goal: To study magicks and humans capable of such
    Summary: The Mages' Guild seems benevolent, albeit they perform a lot of their actions outside of international law. Under great scrutiny, the Mages' Guild is located not in a single guild hall, but several across the world. This best befits the types of magic used across the world. Many mages align themselves with folk religions or Wicca, having a preexisting interests in what humans would consider 'magic.' Thus, their cultural events are extremely varied.

    The guilds' interest in the rifts seem largely self-serving, as they attempt to study magic from the Dream Realm to give the humans special powers. They ultimately use these for 'scientific research.' One of their greatest breakthroughs is discovering the humans' ability to use healing magic. How they've put more destructive magics to use is largely unseen by others, save for their attempts to preserve themselves. The possibility that they have sworn off of it is there, but not guaranteed.

    Other Major International Organizations
    Other major human organizations - such as NATO, the United Nations, and Interpol - still exist and play rolls in investigations in the rifts. Not all are listed, but every organization that exists in modern day can be expected to still exist in the Dream Realm setting.