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    The Dream
    Greystone Tavern is a new take on an old idea: the medieval road-side tavern. Although based in the official Furcadian canon of the Dragonlands, Greystone strives to create a fully-immersive roleplaying environment for characters of all kinds. Because we are a low-technology high-fantasy continuity, there are boundaries but we do strive to not impede on players' creativity by enforcing too many rules. Strict in the sense we maintain an IC-only dream setting, we encourage players to participate by helping to form and shape dream-wide plots and stories to better craft the environment.

    Greystone Tavern is heavily influenced by plots and storylines. While it is up to the staff to provide any running plot, our players should feel free to have a hand in crafting the outcome of our storylines both IC and OOC, and we are always open to suggestions. This world is as much yours as it is ours, and we'd like for all of our players and characters to help shape the Greystone Tavern and the Revolution, be it the mundane aspects of day-to-day life, or more serious consequences.

    Players may bring their characters here without prior knowledge of the history and political standpoint of the dream, but when interacting In Character please remember anything out of the norm or deviating away from the official plot may cause undue confusion.

    For further questions, please see the guidelines or inbox any of the official admins located to the right of this page.
  • Staff

    Looking for staff?
    Staff are available in dream under these names:
    Mikhael Solberg
    Alliah (Founder)

    If any of the administrators are not available in dream, please feel free to inbox any of us through our RPR or an offline whisper.
  • Commands

    Greystone has a few helpful commands:

    Teleport Commands
    To get to one area easier the following commands have been added:
    !General Store
    !Bath House
    !Flower Shop
    !Jail House

    To turn off the local species:

    Looking for rp? Press f3 on any of the lanterns situated on the ground then type:

    !Where is Rp

    (!) Prompt Emit:
    Any emits which have (!) at their beginning are prompts for actions. Most of them work by simply hitting F3 at the location you receive a prompt. If that doesn't work, it may require a verbal code.

    Itemized Bartops:
    Hit F3 while standing in front of the bar, and bump for more options.