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  • Welcome Deputy Juls!

    Posted by Black Betty (played by Libertine) September 16th 2020, 1:37am

    Hello WWC! It's been a hot minute. I hope all of you are managing this wild wild year as well as you're able.

    As it is, our cozy Western territory on RPR has remained a cool calm place, and I hope it's continued to provide...

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  • Spitshine

    Posted by Black Betty (played by Libertine) January 23rd 2020, 6:16pm Howdy folks!

    Some of you might have noticed I did a little sprucing around the group, changing colors and formatting to make things tidier. I scooted the content from the Rules page onto the landing page. The goal is to make things as organized and aesthetic as possible, so if anything feels...

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  • Victoria Aeternum

    Posted by Black Betty (played by Libertine) August 15th 2019, 11:35pm Hey y'all!

    I've created another "niche nineteenth century" group, this time set across the sea. I was a little more hands-on with this one, since the Victorian setting's the home where I first started to role-play seriously, but the premise remains the same: it's another compendium! Whether your...

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  • 👋🤠

    Posted by Black Betty (played by Libertine) July 27th 2019, 1:08pm Hey folks! It has been an absolute pleasure watching the diversity of creative characters cropping up in here. I hope some of you have managed to find partners for your wild west shenanigans, be it here or elsewhere. Just dropping a gentle reminder: I made this group as a loosely-moderated...

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