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  • Characteristics

    Ram horns that protrude from their skull in various styles.
    Common Horn Styles
    Sizes vary.

    Rare Horn Styles
    Four Horns
    Upright Curl
    Drop Back
    These are examples.
    Any style not listed, please ask.

    Feline eyes with black sclera.

    Feline noses with a heightened sense of smell.

    Within their cheeks are their scent glands. Usually used to mark another through signs of affection. However, their scent might be intoxicating or enthralling to those of other races.

    The shapes fall in into those of large cats or rams.

    Males have more of a muzzle while females can have flatter faces, lips, etc. Teeth are predatory, sharp canines. Tongue is textured.

    Male: Have thicker, fluffier tails, with a fuller tuft at the end. All men have a retractable stinger at the end, that can release a paralyzing venom.

    Female: Slender and lion like in appearance with a fur tuft at the end. Rarely with women have a stinger, but it is possible. If females have the stinger, their venom is more potent and deadly.

    Feline in appearance, however bottom pad is velvet calcified texture giving the faint clicking sound of hooves when on uneven surfaces.

    Soft to the touch. Markings are typically stripes or spots. Solid coats are also common. Can also have celestial markings. (Markings need to be approved)

    Comes in wavy or curly and some men are born with full manes.

    Male: 6'3" to 7'4"
    Female: 5'5" to 6'5"

    Male: Usually of a muscular or lean build.
    Female: Fuller figured, lithe, or lean.

    Being descendants from the manticore, leathery or velvety sort of wings are not typically uncommon at birth, but not a regular feature either. This would need approval. Most wings are cut off early enough so there is no scarring, but those in the further satellite villages might be more willing to let them be kept. They range in the size usually being unable to sustain flight, but there are exceptions, usually through magical means or simply gliding.

    Pregnancy is sixteen months long. Female estrus comes only once or twice every fifty to one hundred and lasts seven days. The scent of it causes Pantharies males to show signs of aggression on the first day and have the powerful urge to rut upon the second and third days. The scent of their heat intrigues those of other species, but not nearly to the point of a Pantharies. Unmated females will keep themselves covered or hidden away in most respects. Mated women will stay within the home to conceive. Males will also go into a rut that can last up to a week or more (four weeks tops), depending on available release and females. It can be triggered by aggression or a female in heat.

    Some pantharies are born with physical abnormalities. Here are just a few.
    Albinism - Lack of pigmentation in fur and hair, white in coloration. Severe sensitivity to sunlight. Weakened immune system, contracting diseases such as colds and the like. Most already living were killed by the plague, and those that survived were viewed as chosen by the Mother Moon.

    Duplicated Ears - Having two sets of ears instead of one.

    Duplicated Tails - Having two or three tails.

    Hooves - Instead of having the cat feet with calcified paw pads, ram hooves are in their place.

    Scorpion Stinger - Instead of hidden within the tail, a barb stinger is there instead of the tail tuft.

    Purebred Coloring
    These depict base fur colors. Markings and hair can be complimentary to the fur base.
    Blues, purples, greens, vibrant reds, gold, white, silver, pinks, black, grey, most natural and earth tones.

    Eye colors are often bright and jewel-like in color.
    Divinity Line - Pure Silver
    Everyone Else - Orange, yellow, gold, tawny, green, blue, red
  • Blessings

    Pantharies can find themselves blessed specifically by their deities, this being in the form of special abilities or traits. For the Moon and Sun, these tend to be more along the lines of abilities and skills with magic, strength, or future sight, however marks upon them in the shape of these celestial bodies can be seen as a birthmark.

    The Ouers blessing is a bit different, these are physical manifestations. This often categorizes as the traits of any known or documented animal/creature constellations. Commonly, these blessings are obvious with different wings, such as feathered or insect-like. Other traits might not be so obvious, say if one were blessed by the Pisces, they would likely gain gills upon their rib cage.

    All blessings must be discussed and approved before designing. Please do not hesitate to be creative.
  • Half-Breed Characteristics

    Same style of ram horns, however, females typically have smaller horns. Males can have regular sized or smaller horns.

    Black sclera has a 50/50 chance of transferring to those whose other parent has white or other character sclera. 100% if the other parent has black sclera.

    Scent glands are retained.

    The stinger has the ability to pass on, though it is rare. When it does, the venom is much weaker, only paralyzing a body part where it has struck. Females with the stinger, however, will have a more potent venom, but it will not be fatal.

    If the other parent has regular pawed feet, it would be safe to assume that the offspring would have them as well. However, if the other parent has hooves, then the offspring would as well.

    Females will go into a similar heat, but far more often than a purebred would. Their scent is strong to male pantharies and half breeds. All half-breeds are sterile, even though they have a cycle. Males still have a rut, though shorter and less aggressive. Male reproductive parts are determined by the player.

    Varied, due to mixed blood.