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  • Tharia is an island continent, located in the southern seas of Drakoria. For the most part, it is tropical upon its shores and the inward lands are desert. It has retained such a climate due to the ley lines, veins that carry magic, that run through it, feeding parts of the island magic to thrive, however, one region in the north suffered decay and death of the land, leaving it cold to the harsh southern cold below the hemisphere, exposed without magic to preserve it.

    Below, each province will be described, not only in geographical detail, but also the aesthetic of the people, their societies, other species that inhabit the lands, and exports of each one. This is a guide for Pantharies players to know where their characters come from, allowing them to dress them accordingly and to know how their Pantharies should view certain things and how they grew up.

    Maps of Reference

    Reference to where they are in the world.

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    Divinity Tyran
    Monetary Unit

    Platinum, gold, silver, copper.
    Will also trade jewels or livestock.

    • Empress: Muna (Monarchal)
    • Capital City: Lufeian, found between the mainland and island of Lysium, on the mainland side. While it is not seat of the throne, it is the major commonwealth and life of the Province. Most negotiations happen here. The largest Temple in Lysium is also found here. Has the most docks in the province and the largest slave market, now importing exotic species off island.
    • Government: Divinity Law reigns supreme here. Totalitarian dictatorship. Forbids half breeds to live freely and does not allow local non-pantharies species within major cities and rarely within small villages. Small infractions rarely go unpunished. Children born with wings have them cut off at birth. Divinity is above all else, Divinity is God on earth.
    • Geography: Along the border of Lysium, there is a wall cutting it off from all other provinces. Behind that wall lies lush jungles rich with life. Ancient ruins litter the lands around small villages, having been abandoned in times of civil war, only now to be left to rot. Some of these ruins are inhabited with non-pantharies, as they know they won't be bothered, even some rebels have taken these spots as their own. Along the east ridge, there is a mountain range that spans half the province from north to south, many nobles making their homes here upon the ocean side. Typical tropical game is abundant for hunting.
    • Aesthetic: Egyptian, Mayan/Aztec, Indian; This pertains to their clothing and architecture. Deep within the jungles, the architecture and clothing is closer to Mayan/Aztec, where larger cities have adopted a more refined Egyptian and Indian look, something pristine to match the people.
    • Trade: Largest markets of trade here are slavery, the trade being particularly affluent across the coast and on the coastal island. Fishing because of its vast docks and open seas. Hunting is plentiful in the jungles, allowing meat and fur trade to also be quite lucrative. The markets are rich with these, but various other small trades can be found with ease, such as jewelers and fabric vendors, silk being the rarest and highly coveted.
    • Local Species: Aside from the Pantharies, there live tropical griffins, drakes, wyrmmes, crocodiles, bears, and sharks. They tend to live in their own tribes or villages, keeping to themselves in fear of enslavement or death.

    • Empress: Kirasha
    • Capital City: Casiup is on the southern coast of Sol'bea, the city casting a shadow over the sea. Ports and docks have been opened to the outside world here for years, against Lyspium law. Something of a sanctuary city for some, but not all safe.
    • Government: Democratic aristocracy. They listen to the plights of their people and seek out to change and makes things better for everyone. Cutting of the wings off infants is banned and deemed mutilation. It is hard to tell where allegiances truly lie, but their mask insists they are allied with the Divinity. Slavery is not a common practice here.
    • Geography: Being the lowest sea level province, it has fertile lands more inland, rich with nutrients that cause crops to thrive. It is not riddled with jungles, it's features are more similar to that of Rome, rolling hills and an abundance of farm land. To the west coast, there is a mountain range that spans from the border of Umbrem down to the southwestern coast. It acts as a natural wall. The tropic forests offer some in game, but most meat comes from livestock.
    • Aesthetic: Greek/Roman, Indian, Middle Eastern; this is incorporated for all walks of life. Vibrant colors are worn along coastal towns and cities. Inland, things tend to be more muted and resembling that of Greek and Roman styles.
    • Trade: Sol'bea is famous for its fresh fruits and vegetables, as well for the wheat that it cultivates. If it comes from a farm, it's big trade here and some of its biggest exports to other provinces. Gems are cultivated from the mountains, giving them small trade there. Slavery is not a huge trade, but it is growing with more influx of those off island coming in.
    • Local Species: Griffins and wolves are most abundant here, intermingling in the cities. On the coasts, live crocs and sharks.

    • Empress: Sybil
    • Capital City: Eclipsium is at the heart of Aridam. It was built upon the largest oasis within the province. The largest temple in all of Tharia resides here and holds the source of magic to the land within it, known as the Star Spark. Most of the devout priests and priestess train here. Scholars and scribes also make their pilgrimage here to learn and study. It is the heart of the land, but also the second hardest to thrive in.
    • Government: Democratic aristocracy. Like Sol'bea, it heeds to the needs of its people. Slavery is banished here. Wings are kept intact. Half breeds may lead peaceful lives. Outsiders may mingle. They are deemed solely neutral.
    • Geography: It is a desert. Flat lands. There are small oasis littered throughout the lands and have small settlements built on top of them. A river runs down from the north into the south, cutting through the province completely. This is where most life lingers. In the east, there is an odd formation of crystals the size of mountains. When the sun rises, the light passes through like a prism, casting a rainbow across the land. Vegetation and water is sparse. Any green land is used for crops. Most is imported from others.
    • Aesthetic: Egyptian, Middle Eastern. This is widely used throughout the province, however influences from others does trickle in because of it being a place where many travel to in homage or in seek of further education.
    • Trade: They are rich in metal and jewels, making them have the largest of the jewelry trade, but also, weapon smithing. Their silks are often sought after for unique colors. Jewels, gems, and crystals are coveted for their magical properties. There is no slave trade here.
    • Local Species: Certainly, there are many desert dwelling species here. Those of avian and reptilian variety, but also canine, such as wolves and coyotes.

    • Emperor: Zereen
    • Capital City: Duskia is found at the furthest edges inland of Umbrem. It resides against and in the mountain wall that cuts them off from the sea. As per usual, seat of power and temple are found here.
    • Government: Totalitarian dictatorship. Completely allied with Tyran and Lypsium. Follows all their laws to the book.
    • Geography: Thick, dense jungle-like rainforest. When in day light, the sun is murky and shadows quickly consume any light that passes through the canopy of treetops. Fog and almost always dark. Game here is abundant, but hard to track for those who live outside the province. A large mountain wall sides it from the mountains of Sol'bea, curling around the northern half of the province, shielding it from the sea. There is said to be caves and tunnels that lead to the beaches on the other side, if one were to find them, they would see that the beaches are covered in black sand.
    • Aesthetic: Aztec/Mayan, Indian. Buildings are far more akin to that of Aztec and Mayan, while their clothing is a mixture of the cultures listed.
    • Trade: Cloth in various forms. Their most sought after good is their rare dyes, being able to cultivate a number of different colors in different shades. Slave trade is alive and well.
    • Local Species: The local species of the land are scarce, but there are reptiles, apes and monkeys, canines, rodents, avians, and griffins.

    • Emperor: Eridu
    • Capital City: Luskow is the only named city of this province.
    • Government: Communist dictatorship. This is due to lack of real resources. Whatever is hunted or farmed is shared among all the citizens, of course those in power get more. They are allied with no one. Slavery is outlawed, for none have the sort of luxury to be feeding extra mouths. Only families chosen may reproduce. Any child born without permission will be used as a sacrifice. Laws may change when the lands begin to thrive once more. It's for the greater good.
    • Geography: It was once a rich and lush land, but now is cold and foreboding. It is the only province that sees snow and ice in its weather. The terrain is craggy and rocky, roads in need of repair. The capital is surrounded by a few more satellite villages. Large trees dominate any sort of vegetation, their bark black. One farm is the only thing that grows food, thanks to magic that now filters through the land once. This land yields for no one, but with time, and help from others, it may begin to be restored.
    • Aesthetic: Mongolian and Slavic. Their buildings are well constructed from snow and ice storms. They wear heavy furs and are the most modest of the other provinces. Bones and teeth make up their jewelry.
    • Trade: They have no open trade markets, but it is rumored that their weaponsmiths make the strongest in Tharia.
    • Local Species: None.