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  • The Exiles of the Pantharies are those who have committed heinous crimes against the Divinity and their line, Emperors or Empresses, those who flee from their tyrannical rulers, or those who were caught in the rebellion and given the ultimatum of life or death.

    These exiles tend to stay and groups and can have a ranging of cultures as many adopt new traditions of the places they settle, creating a blend of their own. In most cases, these Pantharies form tribes or caravans, taking on almost nomadic lifestyles. They rely heavily on their religion still and use their abilities to garner money or even take on almost mafia-like roles in some cases.

    Those who wish to stay as individuals can go many different directions in life. Some rise to nobility in new lands, others fall to slavery. Many though lead fairly mundane lives, unless they've stuck to their criminal pasts and seek to continue down that road.

    The only known large settlement of exiled Pantharies is within the country of Xavios, with their own province known as Sin'tharia, or "little" Tharia in the Tharian tongue.

    When it comes to the offspring born in exile, they tend to assume the lives of their parents or tribes or go on to pursue their own destinies.

    Note: Much of this is kept vague on purpose. It allows those to create their own stories while still connected to the species.