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  • Hellions

    This sub-species was bred and designed for slavery.

    Cultivated with the intention of warfare, Hellions were bred with a combination of different large cats and even their more distant relatives of manticore. Because of this, they are physically stronger and could easily overpower a traditional pantharies. Given this brute strength, they are weak and susceptible to magic, not being able - or very rarely able - to produce magic on their own.

    As the need for war diminished, as did the purpose of the Hellion. Now are they used as guards, mercenaries, pleasure slaves, and gladiators. Hellions who participated in quelling the rebellion were given the opportunity for freedom, though they were not allowed to stay within Tharia, due to the fear of another, more dangerous, uprising. They are found in slave markets around the world.

    There is a single tribe of free Hellions within the province of Umbrem. They are treated more as a myth and urban legend, spoken only about in tales around a campfire or to scare children into behaving. What is more frightening than an unaltered and free minded Hellion? Little else comes to mind.
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  • Physical Features
    Features listed here are the differences between standard and hellion Pantharies. For all features, please go to the main Physiology page.

    More demonic in appearance, growing from the front of the skull. Not known to curl against the skull, but sweep back. Never wraps around the ears.

    Males have more of a leopard-like quality, long and fuller. Females are born with a poisonous stinger, their tails docked at birth, in fear of the stinger growing back, often looks like a lynx tail due to the docking.

    Standard feline, save for the almost raptor-like talon upon their innermost toes.

    Males - Mesomorphic - 6 to 7 ft
    Female - Endomorphic - 5 to 6 ft

    Common - Docked at birth

    Predominantly rosettes upon the body with stripes on arms and legs.

    Above the average Pantharies. Can physically overpower most of their standard counterparts.

    Hellions are weak to magic, where the standard pantharies wield great sorcery powers. Pantharies have used magical methods to keep Hellions in their place.

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