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  • The institute itself is set in a remote location, practically in the middle of nowhere. It is a government funded establishment, and the location is top secret. All nurses, doctors, scientists, guards, and subjects must remain at the facility unless they are dismissed, or request to leave. The surroundings are a tree filled forested area, the ground frosted with dead leaves. The facility's exterior is a drab grey color, with few visible windows. A silver chain link fence surrounds the place, ensuring no one gets in who isn't supposed to. The building is rather large and imposing at first glance.

    The interior is mainly sterile hallways, with doors branching off to a variety if rooms. The place has mostly tiled flooring, and beige or white walls. The place smells strongly of medicine and hand sanatizer, not unlike the smell of a hospital or doctor's office. There are five main wings, each containing rooms vital to the institute:

    The Entrance Wing-
    The main entrance, where new subjects are brought in, and where they are checked into the facility. It is heavily guarded, and a lot of security measures are taken there.

    The Office Wing-
    Where all staff members's desks are located. Each door is clearly marked with a plaque displaying the name of the office's owner. Each one is uniquly designed by it's occupant.

    The Barracks Wing-
    Where guards and other staff members sleep, also incuding a common room for scientific and friendly chatter amongst coworkers.

    The Subjects Wing-
    Where subjects are kept, each room designed to fit each subject's need. They are kept in safe, clean, humane environments.

    The Testing Wing-
    Where all tests and data collecting takes place, full if rooms intended for everything from surgical operations to a simple checkup. (All patients are required to have a simple bi-weekly checkup.)